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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sick! Sick I tell ya!

I think I'm going to throw up.. I just signed up for my first 10k race and 1/2 Marathon!  What am I thinking?  I am sooo excited.. but soo scared at the same time!  I've never raced outside of where I live.. I can handle crowds certainly.. but I've never had a race in a crowd - does that make sense?  Will I get there in time?  Will I know where to pick up my race package?  Will I miss the starting line?  OK maybe I'm over reacting.. but I like to be prepared, run the course a few times... check out where I am suppose to be BEFORE I need to be there.  OK I need to calm down!

Eeeekkk soo very exciting!  Please pray that my training goes well for this 1/2 and that my body can withstand all this running with no injuries.  Oh yeah.. and that I drop these darn last 15-20lbs!

Ohh joy!  Oh joy!

Running in the Heat is fun!

OK I OBVIOUSLY didn't plan this well.. training for a 1/2 marathon through the summer ... hmmm it's going to be a hot one!  I do love to sweat.. it's the breathing that is tough.. but I'll get use to running in the humidity.. after all I did it all last year.

To bring you all up to speed, I'm recording my work outs on http://www.running-log.com/.  It's great because it totals up the distance I'm covering by the end of the week and it breaks down what my pace is per kilometers.  I'm new to all this tracking stuff so to me this is all so very exciting!

Last Week's Totals:
Distance: 25.0km
Time: 2:45:00

Monday, May 30, 2011

I am FREE!

I am free from weeding.  Free from watering.  Free from worrying if my plants will make it through the night and get munched on by bunnies, deer or other small critters.

In conclusion.. no veggie garden this year.  I was a bit sad at the thought of not having one.  But I just have to be realistic this year.  I'm just not 'into' gardening a veggie plot this.  PLUS.. we'll be gone for a few weeks through the summer on our family vacation.. and I just think the garden will go down the tubes. 

So there - no fresh veggies from our garden this year.. HOWEVER I will still maintain the plot.  Add veggie and fruit scraps to it, grass clippings and in the fall leaves.  I'll just keep preparing the area for next year.

Until then... I will be running, soaking up the sun, working on my tan ;), lots of lounging by our pool... and RELAXING....  Hmmmm anyone want to sell me fresh veggies?  Or 'donate' to a large growing family?  haahaa

Happy Gardening Y'all!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A new Challenge

I'm soo scared!  Seriously!

I am challenging myself physically once again.  May 5, 2010 I started running.  I couldn't even run 1 minute - yup... not even a minute.  The reason I started running was because I wanted to try something I've always wanted to do (but NEVER thought I could do) and to help me loose weight.

I really can't believe I've made it this far.. it is all very surreal to me.  Seems like everyone else has faith in me...telling me "you will be running a 5k in no time.. you'll run faster next time".   Then came my challenge of running 10k.. I missed the race I was working towards back at the beginning of this month, but I have continued to train.  I can run 10k but I haven't officially raced in a 10k, I have my eye on one in June that I am planning on running.

Then everyone said I'd run a 1/2 - and I just laughed at them!  Seriously 21.1k???  Not me!  Running for probably 2 hours straight - I would tell them NEVER!  The is CRAZY!  YOU are crazy!

Well...... guess what my goal is now?  Never say never.... I am starting to train for a 1/2!  I have a number of reasons why I have decided to challenge myself.  Firstly I haven't been consistent with my runs and it's because I don't have a goal.  I don't have races to work towards.  Last summer I got hooked on running because I started to loose weight and then I wanted to beat my previous race times.  Then in the fall I decided that I wanted to run a 10k (which I will run next month). 

So now I want to run a 1/2 I want to loose my last 15lb-20lbs.  Having this goal will keep me on track with a running schedule.  The other reason is I want to see if I can actually push myself to run this distance.  I am truly amazed that I can even run 5 or 10.  So to challenge myself to run 21.1k really does seem out of reach for me.  I have also been inspired by a friend that I have been running with.  Watching her push through the challenges she has faced, put in all the hard work that it takes to train for a 1/2 has been amazing to watch.  I have had the privilege of running with her too!  I am so proud of her!  I tell everyone that "I have a friend training for a 1/2" She is soo amazing!  She is actually running her 1/2 this weekend!  I am sooo very excited for her! Way to go Alyson!  You can do it!  You are inspirational to me!  Check out her blog to read about her journey and her race results!  www.proudtobeafitmom.blogspot.com

I don't really have a 'bucket list' but I do want to accomplish this for myself now, while I can.  I don't want to look back when I'm old and wonder if I could have run that distance.  So I figure now is the time!  Give it all I have ...NOW!  You may wonder how I fit in my training.. how I find the time.  Well the answer is simple and complicated: I MAKE time!  There is always something that has to be done around here, or someone has to go somewhere.  But we all need time for ourselves.  Time to realise stress, time to relax (whatever it is you find relaxing), time to just find yourself.  I also think making time for yourself is an important part of a healthy marriage.  Time apart, makes your time together that much more wonderful.  Jay sails.. I run.. that's how it goes.

Enough rambling... so there you have it.. I'm crazy.. I am training to run a 1/2 this fall.  To get you all up to speed on my training methods:  I train with the running group that I am apart of on Tuesday's and Saturday's.  Those will be my hard workouts (either hills, speed work, tempo or track workouts).  Then the other two days that I am running will be my long easy runs (haa haa I laugh at that word easy - it's really not easy for me.. but we'll go with that description!)  For my long runs I will base it on time, for example I can run for 50 minutes and I will continue to add 5 minutes and build up my endurance from there.  The kilometers will naturally increase the longer I run.  My Tuesday and Saturday work outs will increase my strength which will help me with my distance.  A great tool that I am using to log my runs is http://www.running-log.com/athlete/login  It is simple to use and it helps me to keep track of how my kilometers I am putting in each week.  Right now I am running 1hour and 10 minutes which for me equals 11.6kilometers.  My goal is to run the 1/2 straight, with no walking breaks.  (one can dream!)  I think I can do it.. NO.. I have to tell myself  YES YOU CAN DO IT!

Half the battle are the doubts in your mind!  Here I go!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I ♥ your comments!

Just a little thank you note to say.. well thank you!

I do not blog to increase my followers list.  I do not blog to see if my 'hits' rise up.  I do blog when I have time.  When I have the energy.  When I feel like sharing what we are doing or what I am thinking.  When I feel like I need to get something off my chest.  Or even when I need to keep myself accountable about something I am trying to achieve.

I haven't been blogging lately.. however the couple of posts that I have written has attracted quite a few comments (at least for my blog!  This certainly isn't a blog that gets 103 + comments! ☺).

It's just nice to know.. that we are not forgotten in this busy world.  In a world that is soo face paced and ready to just 'throw you out' if you are not entertaining them.  In this "ME" world.  I say thank you for stopping by.  Caring enough to comment.  And being (slightly) interested in our little family.

Blessings! ♥

Sunday, May 15, 2011

4 Easy Steps: Gardening

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::   1) seed hollyhocks
 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 2) transplant my rhubarb
:::::::::::::::::::::::: 3) seed wildflowers along the tree line
::::: 4) plant white irises to make a bog garden

Done.. ok easy right?  I'm ready for summer!  :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: not!  I need to get my BUTT in gear and get working on my garden!  So once summer is here... I can work on my tan!

Happy Gardening!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Small Group - BIG opportunities

We host a small group at our home every Monday night.  We love opening up our home.  Are we a busy family - yup!  Is it crazy hectic in the hour and half that I am home before everyone arrives at 7pm - you betcha!  Are we tried some nights.. but then the thought of seeing everyone gets us reved up again - yes and yes!

But what Jay and I figure... it's about relationships.  Relationships with people in our church.  Relationships with people who are seeking the Lord.  Relationships with our children.  Teaching them to be hospitable.  Teaching them to share what we have.  Teaching them to love others where they are in life. 

Most if not all the people that come to our small group are thoroughly entertained by our children!  Whether the children are giving everyone hugs good night, just popping their head in to say "hi!", trying to stay up later, showing them their karate/dancing moves, wanting to take pictures of them while they are coming in.... or even asking to see the treats that the group will be eating... and asking if they could save a couple for them to eat the next day!

Either way... I think it's great that we are able to connect with people on a different level.  In this crazy busy 'season' we are in.. I am thankful we still have time for relationships.

Homeschooling and the ARTS - it is possible!

We've been having lots of fun around our home lately (but let's be real... those great days are in between bad days! We are a normal family afterall☺)

This was Ava's second year in theatre class. She had a blast! Made new friends (myself included!) She has totally come out of her shell, I was very surprised the first year she started to cry because everyone was looking at her! I thought to myself "hmmmm I never thought Ava was actually shy"... anyway.. this year was soo super fun because she had a script to memorize! A real script! It was truly amazing for me to watch her read her lines and them memorize them. I had a bit of a proud mama moment (wow! I taught her how to read!). This year's theatrical presentation was called: "Goldilocks and the Three Bullfrogs"... guess who played Goldilocks? ;)

All the kids were soo cute! They all did an amazing job! Here are a couple of pictures from the night:

Keeping in the subject of arts.. Ava received a recorder (two Christmases ago -- ahem mommy tried to keep it hidden away for awhile!) But Miss. Ava has a VERY good memory and she started asking for it... so she's been tooting away on it. She is actually very responsible with it. I thought it would just be one more thing to be tossed and get broken. But she plays it a bit, returns it to the strawberry shortcake sleeve it came in then places it high in her cupboard so her little sister and brothers can not reach it. This little recorder has actually proven to be such a learning tool in more ways than the obvious. She is taking responsibility for it and she has really taken an interest in learning how to play it. Sooo... I was going through a TON of bins that was given to me FULL of books. (sadly I originally thought they would probably be all junky books.. but there are a TON of resources in there that I will be able to use.. that will be a different post!).

Anyway.. it has also given her an opportunity to READ on her OWN about something she WANTS to learn about!  What a concept ;)  She sat there for an hour!  An HOUR!  I was alittle surprise considering she started out complaining that "all I want to do is play".. hahha don't we ALL just want to pick up a guitar and strum away?  In that hour she leaned how to hold the recorder, play notes A, B and G.  And a little tune at the end.  It was really great to watch her sit, read, and then try to apply what she just learned. I was in and out of the kitchen... but I was available if she had any questions.  I honestly didn't think she would sit there that long.. but again.. my children prove me wrong ;)  In a good way I suppose!