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Friday, May 13, 2011

Homeschooling and the ARTS - it is possible!

We've been having lots of fun around our home lately (but let's be real... those great days are in between bad days! We are a normal family afterall☺)

This was Ava's second year in theatre class. She had a blast! Made new friends (myself included!) She has totally come out of her shell, I was very surprised the first year she started to cry because everyone was looking at her! I thought to myself "hmmmm I never thought Ava was actually shy"... anyway.. this year was soo super fun because she had a script to memorize! A real script! It was truly amazing for me to watch her read her lines and them memorize them. I had a bit of a proud mama moment (wow! I taught her how to read!). This year's theatrical presentation was called: "Goldilocks and the Three Bullfrogs"... guess who played Goldilocks? ;)

All the kids were soo cute! They all did an amazing job! Here are a couple of pictures from the night:

Keeping in the subject of arts.. Ava received a recorder (two Christmases ago -- ahem mommy tried to keep it hidden away for awhile!) But Miss. Ava has a VERY good memory and she started asking for it... so she's been tooting away on it. She is actually very responsible with it. I thought it would just be one more thing to be tossed and get broken. But she plays it a bit, returns it to the strawberry shortcake sleeve it came in then places it high in her cupboard so her little sister and brothers can not reach it. This little recorder has actually proven to be such a learning tool in more ways than the obvious. She is taking responsibility for it and she has really taken an interest in learning how to play it. Sooo... I was going through a TON of bins that was given to me FULL of books. (sadly I originally thought they would probably be all junky books.. but there are a TON of resources in there that I will be able to use.. that will be a different post!).

Anyway.. it has also given her an opportunity to READ on her OWN about something she WANTS to learn about!  What a concept ;)  She sat there for an hour!  An HOUR!  I was alittle surprise considering she started out complaining that "all I want to do is play".. hahha don't we ALL just want to pick up a guitar and strum away?  In that hour she leaned how to hold the recorder, play notes A, B and G.  And a little tune at the end.  It was really great to watch her sit, read, and then try to apply what she just learned. I was in and out of the kitchen... but I was available if she had any questions.  I honestly didn't think she would sit there that long.. but again.. my children prove me wrong ;)  In a good way I suppose!


  1. I love this post!!! What a great little book...great job Miss Ava !!!!

  2. That is my favorite part of homeshooling.Once they learn to read the sky is the limit!


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