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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Oh My!

I'm not sure if it's good or bad that I haven't blogged since April! ;)  There is so much life that we have been enjoying since April!  May came and went...and for the months of June and July we've been just enjoying being outside.  Using our pool.  Having lots of friends over.  Visiting our parks.  Road tripping to see family.  Painting.  Playing with play-dough.  Baking.  BBQ-ing.  Sleeping in tents.  Staying cool while watching movies.  Starting and finishing home/backyard projects.  Just trying to live a fully wonderful day.  I will admit that not every part of our days are awesome, but for the most part.. when I start the day with a good and positive attitude.. the whole home seems to follow that pattern.

I've really been enjoying this summer with the children.  I love this time of year for many many reasons.  But I have to say the two things that I have really learn to treasure are: having the summer to just sit back and WATCH the children.  Watch and reflect how much they have changed and develop the past year.  Listen to them talk to each other.  Soak up the moments when they snuggle one other, help one other, or care for one another.  The second thing that I really look forward to is .. NO SCHEDULE.  Bed times are out the window, mealtimes are major grey areas ;), our day just revolves around what we want to do.  Sleep in (not that that happens very often with four children ages 7 through to 2.5yrs!), longer afternoon naps..  whatever the day brings.

I've really enjoyed this summer.  In some ways I am finding the summers to be more and more emotional (or maybe I'm just becoming an older emotional mess of a mom) ... I sometimes get sad.. because I never want these days to end.  There are HORRIBLE days.. but for the most part.. I am finding the little bit older they are getting... the days are becoming just more FUN!

I am looking forward to the fall and to our school routine to come together.  Not necessarily because of the routine, but because I KNOW how rewarding the school year has been in the past and how rewarding it will be to be with my children and homeschool them for yet another year.  We take it year by year... and I just don't want it to end!

Hope everyone is having a great summer.  Oh.. and running... ah, yeah.. that has pretty much been non-existent... the heat has been off the charts!  42°c with the humidity.. for days... that is another reason I am looking forward to fall ;)