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Monday, February 28, 2011


Freeze your Buns Run #2 is well behind me.  You will commonly hear that running is therapeutic.  It is time for you to think.  Yes it is those things.. for me it's also a way to push myself to my limits.  To talk myself through the pain.  Talk myself out of wanting to stop. 

For a few months now I've been running with a friend Wednesday nights.  She is awesome!  She is a very experienced runner.. she has offer advice, encouragement.. but mostly keeps me going.  So while I was running this past Saturday all I heard was her voice in my head:

"Keep you knees up!"
"Keep your head up"
"Push up the hill.. pass people!"

I did it!  Kept those knees and head up.. pushed up that hill (a VERY LONG hill).. and passed two runners while going up!

I am very happy that all my efforts paid off.  Despite the snow, wind and very slushy conditions.. Saturday reaped a new pb for my 5k.  27:51 !!  I can't believe it!
Thank you Alyson for pushing me on the nights that I just didn't want to be pushed!  For guiding and offering great advice.  For encouraging me.. and reminding me to NOT be soo hard on myself!

I've learned SOO much about what my body CAN do.. instead of what my brain tells me I CAN'T do.  This is definitely soo mind over body for me!  And probably for most I would say.

Happy Running Ya'll!  I am starting to fall in love with running all over again!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

OK.. so I'm not *into* Valentine's Day.. but I AM into LOVE! 

What I love..

:: listening my husband play with the children

:: memories of my mom

:: listening to the children talk to each other and play

:: seeing my children giving each other OVERWHELMING body hugs (LOVE those!)

:: my life

:: who I am

:: my extended family

:: my relationship with my husband.  my friend.  the ONE person who GETS me.  the person that I NEED to walk through this life with

ooh and soo many more things.. but I just can't name them all.  I am happy.  I really DO love my life.

We dont' technically celebrate Valentines Day ON Valentines Day.  We make an effort ALL year round (which I am sure most of you do as well).  Jay regularly goes out with each children.. their daddy/daughter date OR daddy/son night.  Jay and I also try to make it a point to go on dates ourselves.  Life does get busy.. but we try and that's what matters!  Sending each other little 'love' e-mails or a phone call to say 'how is your day.. thinking of you.. love you'.  They all count!  Every second I'm with my husband and children.. it counts.  So we dont' go all out on a day like Valentines - but we do show our love.

Oh and the picture above... well that is what you TYPICALLY see at my home.  Ava is FOREVER making cards for EVERYONE and ANYONE that is special to her (even if she just met a little girl at the park and has only known her for an hour!).  We *joke* that she has a card ministry!  I just LOVE her creativity!  LOVE IT!  (oh I guess that is another thing I love!!) 

Happy Valentines Day to my dear dear husband.. sixteen years together and ten years married this fall.  Life COULDN'T get any better.  I have you, our children and God - what more do we need?

Have a super day everyone!!!!!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Change is Good

Just an update.. went for an interview.. and I GOT THE JOB!  I was soo nervous!  The last interview I had was probably over 10 years ago!  When we moved to our new home and location (3 years ago this September) I had to resign from my job.  And a new journey began.. I started homeschooling our oldest in SK.. and now Ava is in grade one.. so we are in our second year of homeschooling.

So how will this affect our family.  In a few ways.. but we prayed about it ALOT.. you have to understand the job I applied for (and accepted) is actually at my church!  Only part time.. 15 hours.  I am soo very excited!  The hours are flexible so the arrangement we made really works for my family and I am able to for fill my job at the church.  I will only be at work Monday all day, four hours on Tuesday and Thurs evening for three hours.  The Monday and Tuesday that I am away my MIL will come to the house and watch the kids for us.  This is going to be such a blessings, my MIL will now have a chance to really pour her love into the children.  (not that they don't already.. but it will be extra special time just for her and the three children to enjoy).

I will still be able to homeschool Tuesday afternoon and for the rest of the week.  We think this will work for us.. every family is different.  Every family's schedule is different.. this is just another 'different' that we will adjust to.y

So there you have it.. I start this Monday.. as the communications assistant!  Eeekk so excited!

Seriously Plateauxing

I am trying not to panic.. REALLY trying not to panic!  I've realized that my body is becoming 'lazy'.. it has gotten accustom to my level of activity and what I am feeding it.  Resulting in .. no results or very little.  I've mentioned it before.. but it is soo very hard for me to loose weight, nothing in the past seemed to work.  But when I started running and watching what I ate the pounds just started to come off... 1lbs.. then 2 lbs.. all the way to where I am now.. 33.5lbs.  I was SOOO excited and SOOO motivated when I saw that this was actually working.  So you'll understand that now I am panicking.. or should I say.. WAS starting to panic.  But after getting some really great advice from my fitness/health guru friend I am on track again.

I have to kick it up a notch, not let the February blues get to me.  And remember my goals.  That is a big thing for me!  A really good reminder of what I want to accomplish in the next few months to a year and for life.  I read a great article by John Stanton and I just wanted to share with everyone the goals portion of the article:

1. DAILY GOAL to get out the door every day
2. A SELF-ACCEPTANCE GOAL to condition yourself to the fact that daily fitness is part of your lifestyle.
3. A PERFORMANCE GOAL for a season - either a distance goal, such as running a 10K or a time goal, such as breaking 45 minutes for a 10K
4. A DEDICATION GOAL or a special goal for the season - something that will motivate you to continue training throughout the year.  Dedicate your year to the memories of a loved one, or dedicate your goal to proving you can do it when others believe you cannot.
5. A DREAM GOAL - a big race or special distance that seems just slightly out of reach but achievable.
(source: Goal-setting in 2011 John Stanton running room mag jan/feb 2011 vol 17 issue 1)

Reading this article is just one thing that has REALLY helped me to re-focus on MY goals.  So here I go again.. onto another level/phase of my journey to loose weight, be more healthy and active and to an overall healthier lifestyle.

Friday, February 11, 2011

MY report card

Somedays.. OK most days I find myself wondering.. why are we homeschooling again?  Am I REALLY making a positive difference in my children's life?  Am I REALLY showing them love.. the kind of love that God shows us?

Well I'm guessing my 'report card' says it says it all.  It was BEYOND reassuring for me that I am doing a good job and that we are doing the right thing.  It was pure love.. with no strings attached... pure love.. that only a child can give.  Thank you Ava.. you MADE my day.. and weekend!!!  Love you!

 translation (☺): 'thank you mom.. you have been a great teacher.  love you mom'

She explained the pictures to me.. to the right those are party balloons with confetti and on the left are our two hearts attached.. OK doesn't that melt your heart???

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Looking for some Inspiration

I feel like I am hitting a wall.  I'm loosing a bit of my drive to run.  *Gasp*... my heart just started beating really fast I as I wrote that!  I don't want to loose my interest.  I think those stupid February blues are trying to get to me.  I managed to run through those dark November, December and January months.. now I'm starting to fall back in February?  Really?  Ahh.. that makes me get soo angry at myself.  You wouldn't believe how much I am LONGING FOR IT TO STAY LIGHTER OUT LONGER.  I am an evening runner.  That's what works for my family's schedule.  And I am very ok with this.  Everyone is taken care of.. including me.  So for us that is how it works.  I am soo longing to go for an evening run and not have to jet home because it's pitch dark.  I live in the country.  So when I say it's pitch dark - it is in fact.. pitch dark.. with the exception of the moon (if it's bright enough).

I think I am doing ok with my eating.. but frankly I am battling another 'issue'.. not really an issue per say.. ok lets get personal here.. my dang period.  Seriously.. do I REALLY NEED to be this regular (personal pray: Lord I believe you have blessed us with the children we are going to have.. would it be possible if menopause came early for me?  Thank you Jesus).  Anyway.. I'm totally not making fun of prayer.. I am a Christian.. I am just need some support here!

Anyway with this 'regulatrity' comes all the fun stuff, cravings (which I am getting WAY better at curving), bloating, tiredness, achiness (as I have arthritis).  So this is what I face every three weeks.. yup - it's the wonderful.

On to some inspiration that I am longing for.. I was reading one of the running magazines that I have .. and I came across this one woman's story.  AMAZING!  Inspiring to say the least.  What I LOVE, truly LOVE about running is everyone has a story.  A journey.  And ANYONE can start and succeed at it.  LOVE IT!  OK.. so as I am writing this post.. I feel my running fire being ignited - yay! 

So there you have it... oh and as far as weight loss.. I'm still at 33.5 lbs.  That is what I am getting frustrated at.  No weight loss.. but my body is changing.. but frankly when a person has a lot of weight to loose.. we really want to see that number go down... Good news though.. bought a new pair of pants... SIZE 9!!  Yay!

Run Hard!  Run for fun!  Just Run!