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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

OK.. so I'm not *into* Valentine's Day.. but I AM into LOVE! 

What I love..

:: listening my husband play with the children

:: memories of my mom

:: listening to the children talk to each other and play

:: seeing my children giving each other OVERWHELMING body hugs (LOVE those!)

:: my life

:: who I am

:: my extended family

:: my relationship with my husband.  my friend.  the ONE person who GETS me.  the person that I NEED to walk through this life with

ooh and soo many more things.. but I just can't name them all.  I am happy.  I really DO love my life.

We dont' technically celebrate Valentines Day ON Valentines Day.  We make an effort ALL year round (which I am sure most of you do as well).  Jay regularly goes out with each children.. their daddy/daughter date OR daddy/son night.  Jay and I also try to make it a point to go on dates ourselves.  Life does get busy.. but we try and that's what matters!  Sending each other little 'love' e-mails or a phone call to say 'how is your day.. thinking of you.. love you'.  They all count!  Every second I'm with my husband and children.. it counts.  So we dont' go all out on a day like Valentines - but we do show our love.

Oh and the picture above... well that is what you TYPICALLY see at my home.  Ava is FOREVER making cards for EVERYONE and ANYONE that is special to her (even if she just met a little girl at the park and has only known her for an hour!).  We *joke* that she has a card ministry!  I just LOVE her creativity!  LOVE IT!  (oh I guess that is another thing I love!!) 

Happy Valentines Day to my dear dear husband.. sixteen years together and ten years married this fall.  Life COULDN'T get any better.  I have you, our children and God - what more do we need?

Have a super day everyone!!!!!



  1. I relate to this post, it is exactly how we feel! I love Love, but I enjoy spreading it through out the year, everyday in little ways!

    The card ministry is super cute and a great idea!!!! Tell Ava she can hire me, I'd love to help!

    It appears that your blog no longer crashes my Internet Explorer! This is good, now I can actually read it! :)

    You have a beautiful familiy! God bless and have a great day!

  2. Yes! I am thankful that my blog isn't crashing me and others anymore! yay! I took off a couple of things (not that I had many add-ons on..) but now it seems to be working tickety boo!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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