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Saturday, December 24, 2011

This is Why I Run

Merry Christmas!
May you see and feel God's Blessings this season!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Motivation Part 2

What can help keep you motivated?  Accountability.  A great runner partner will do the trick!  Ran 7k tonight, in the pouring cold December rain.  We were soaked... but we rocked it!  36:48 time.. we wanted to have a quicker pace.. that is the fastest so far for me for a 7k.  That is a 5:15 pace.

On the road to training for another half marathon will begin .... soon.  Yup.. you read that correctly.  I'll be running my second half on April 22nd, 2012.

I am certifiable! :)


Its not always easy to get out and run... especially  at night.. in the winter.. when I'd rather be at home.. warm in my pj's with my family... but it SURE feels good when its done!

I do love running in the winter as opposed to running in the summer heat.. but some days it soo difficult to find that motivation.  I have a new goal for myself this spring, and I'd like to break some of my pb's this winter in some upcoming 5k races.  I'm looking forward to Christmas break... I will be able to get some runs in during the day and in the SUN!  How awesome will that be!

Keep motivated and keep your eye on your goals!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Do YOU have one?

A big Daddy chair?  :)

This is what we've been up to lately... playing boardgames, laying by the fire, watching Christmas movies... and of course a couple good hands of go fish :)

Only Once a Year...

We take the time.....

...as a family...

...to drive around town and...

..enjoy the homes that are beautifully lit.

We ooh and ahhhh....

...Christmas music is on the radio..

...we laugh and just enjoy this simple time together.

Our children are young... and only for a short time.  It is now that we want to instill the simple beauties and pleasures in life.  Spending time together as a family.  Fostering their love for eachother as brothers and sisters.  We've done this a few years in a row now and it never gets old or dull!  We even drove by a few churches with their nativity scenes placed in front.  It is beautiful to see, tradition, the truth and reason of Christmas... another opportunity to talk to the children about the birth of our savour. 

Merry almost Christmas!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fallen off this world....

....into my own life........I'm sorry..... for anyone who finds interst in reading my blog... you may have notice I haven't been posting.  It's not for the lack of wanting to... I just do not have the engery for this slow slow blogger (or it could be my computer.. not sure... but I think it's more blogger).

There are days that I have written posts.. but when it comes to adding the pictures.. it takes.. well what feels like eternity!  And I frankly do not want to babysit my computer/blogger while it decides if its going to upload or not! :(

But nevertheless... even though posts haven't been posted.. life is still happening! :)  Home schooling is going AWESOME this year.  I am realistic in my expectations... and I am enjoying the days that I am now home (oh that's more new... I left my job at my church around the beginning of November).  Back to homeschooling.. I am now schooling two of our children... and its going wonderfully.  Our local homeschooling group is thriving and growing by leaps and bounds!  I've met many more families.. and I really feel a sense of contentment and reassurance..

Grace is getting bigger and is becoming a girly girl MORE and MORE by the second!  Linden is now two and is talking up a storm.  More then keeping up with his older brother and sister.  Gabriel is shooting up like a TREE!  This kid is well... starting to look older :(  Ava is getting tall as well.. she is now seven.  You put her beside any eight or nine year old and she is just there size.  Kinda sad in a way.. because well ... shes only seven!  I'm trying to keep my first born little for as long as I can.

I ran a half marathon in September... I think you all knew that :)  Running is going ... well... its going.  Since things are now settling into a great routine for us at home... I am working at getting back at it a good three times a week.  I did put on a *bit* of weight... (ahem 6lbs... but I'm seriously ok with it - most days) ;)

What else........  getting ready for Christmas as I'm sure all of you are as well....... WAITING with baited breath for snow!!!! ........ hmmmmmmm I guess that's it really........ sorry I won't be adding any pictures as I really REALLY want to go to bed now! ;)

OK....... maybe ONE picture!

{cutting down our Christmas tree.....}

Happy blogging folks... and I'm sorry if my blog is a bit of a let down lately :(