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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

OK, so this is my very first post on my blog - yikes! Why am I starting a blog you may be asking? I've been 'fighting' with the idea of having my own blog to call my own for awhile now. My husband has constantly been saying "you should start a blog about our family, the cool stuff we do, the things we experience...". And for a long time I've thought to myself, that would be great...but I think my life is boring... that I can have days (OK feels like many consecutive days) that I'm not the greatest of moms...that I don't take my kids outside enough, that I don't read to them enough, that I just don't do all the 'right' things. But I've realized that most of us if not all of us don't 'do' all the 'right things'. Geezzz come on already, we are only human! I think most times I read other blogs while wearing my rose coloured glasses (I must look like Elton John or something!! :} ) So anyway the true reason why I've finally decided to start writing on my own blog is because I think how cool would it be to look back and see what my family's life was about, what we did, what we experienced.. where God has taken us. It's I guess my own little virtual journal! So if you think you'd like to 'walk with my family' you are welcome to! Can't believe it!!! I'm a blogger!!!! :}