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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


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Happy 5th Birthday Gabriel!  Monday was Gabriel's birthday!  We had a little get together on Sunday and it was a wonderful day!  Simple! Fun! Kid friendly!  Relaxed! Gabriel had a lot of fun!  He was soo very excited to swim in the pool, enjoy his rainbow cake, and play with his hotwheel cars.
Boys - gotta love them!! xoxoxoxoxox Gabriel!
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1/2 Training Update

Sorry for not posting very much, life seems to keep me busy ;)

My 'training' is going well.. I have discovered how much I dislike running in the heat!  I don't know how I ran all last summer.. what was I thinking?  Although in my defense I wasn't running for very long last year.. the thought of running for 1+ hours in the heat doesn't really appeal to me!  Now running while it's raining, windy or a bit cold - those are the days I am taking advantage of! 

I've been sporadic in the training, but really I'm ok with that.  I still have LOTS of time to train - 80 days to be precise!  I do plan to get a lot of good runs in while we are visiting family in New Brunswick for two weeks.  I will definitely have the time then.. no cooking, cleaning or laundry that I will need to tend to. 

Week of June 20th km's ran: 17.5 ... not too bad.  I'm running tonight with my running partner.. it's only a high of 17°, overcast and it may rain - but again .. OK with that!

Until next time.... Oh wait.. and I'm racing on Friday!  5k.. a bit of a sentimental race.. this time last year.. I ran this course for the FIRST time!  My FIRST race!  Last year's time 34:00 ... this year.. I want to break 26:00 ... we'll see!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Race Results

I ran my first 10k this past Saturday.  It was exciting.  A big crowd about 300 hundred or so running in the 10k alone.  I'm not use to running in a crowd, but once I found my groove I broke away and had space around me.

It was a chip time race meaning, the time was being tracked electronically with a chip that is attached to your running shoe.  When you run over the mat at the start and finish line it records your time.  There were problems with the mat at the finish line.. according the the group I run with and my hubby, they took the mat away and then replaced it with another.. a bit frustrating because I wanted a REALLY accurate time.  From the information I can gather my time was 59:30 but apparently the time is off by 1 minute.  So I'm not entirely sure what my time is.  My goal was under 60 minutes (preferable 57:00.. but hey at least I ran the whole thing ☺)

That's it folks.. it was a good race, the weather was cool it only started to rain at the very end.

Now to continue training for my 1/2.

Until then...... happy running!

Saturday, June 11, 2011


Today at 5:15pm I will be running my first 10k race!  I'm very excited!  It is out of town which makes me a bit more nervous.. because I don't know the route, I don't want to be late and I have to find my way around to pick up my race kit!

It will be a chip time run.  Which means I will have an electronic chip fastened to my shoe, when my foot hits the pad at the start and finish line it will store an INSTANT start and end time!  Cool eh?  Anyway.. I'm really really hoping to get my time under 60 minutes.  I know everyone is just saying to enjoying my first 10k race, just finish it.. but frankly I KNOW I can run 10k ~~ now I just want to kick butt (and by kick butt I just mean kick my OWN butt!  Come on now.... I'm not that fast!!)

I'll post my results later!! Happy Running!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Meet Derek..

This is Derek:

He is our Deck Frog!

He gets poked!

He gets squeals from the kids!

He is missed when he can not be found!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Inches TALLER and teeth LOST

My sweet sweet Ava is growing and growing!  She's only six and is now 4 feet 3inches tall!  And she lost her first TOP tooth today!!  Sooo cute to hear her talk with a lisp!

Ticker Trouble

IF anyone is reading this post.. and if anyone cares.. my ticker for the 10k race that I'm running is incorrect.. I'm actually running on Saturday.  So still a few more days to go.

Running update:  I'm still out there.  In the heat.  It's hot.  It's hard.  It's humid.  Can't breath. 

I'm so happy I chose to train for this 1/2 in the summer! ;) ;)  At the very least I'll SWEAT 15lbs off!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Some Runs are just not meant to be......

Wow ~ ok ~ I had a really really crappy run tonight.  Hubby had to work late.. but he was home by 8:20p so I thought I would go for a quick (quick) 5k run.  I was kinda wanting to break my last time back in March of 27:32... but no such luck.  My run actually sucked!  No luck at all!  But perhaps it's not luck.. .. but number of other reasons:

  1. We just got back from a mini-road trip.. and we spent about 11 hours of driving (in total).
  2. I've been staying up late all weekend visiting with my sister and family .. perhaps enjoying some wine.
  3. Ah yes and I almost forgot.. I fell down three cement stairs on Saturday.. oh yes how could I forget?  My butt is killing, my back feels like it was pushed out to the front of my chest.  And my shoulder and neck are stiff and very achy.
Hum I guess those could all be factors ;)  OR I just had a really really disappointing run tonight. 

Time will tell.......