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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Race Results

I ran my first 10k this past Saturday.  It was exciting.  A big crowd about 300 hundred or so running in the 10k alone.  I'm not use to running in a crowd, but once I found my groove I broke away and had space around me.

It was a chip time race meaning, the time was being tracked electronically with a chip that is attached to your running shoe.  When you run over the mat at the start and finish line it records your time.  There were problems with the mat at the finish line.. according the the group I run with and my hubby, they took the mat away and then replaced it with another.. a bit frustrating because I wanted a REALLY accurate time.  From the information I can gather my time was 59:30 but apparently the time is off by 1 minute.  So I'm not entirely sure what my time is.  My goal was under 60 minutes (preferable 57:00.. but hey at least I ran the whole thing ☺)

That's it folks.. it was a good race, the weather was cool it only started to rain at the very end.

Now to continue training for my 1/2.

Until then...... happy running!

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