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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

1/2 Training Update

Sorry for not posting very much, life seems to keep me busy ;)

My 'training' is going well.. I have discovered how much I dislike running in the heat!  I don't know how I ran all last summer.. what was I thinking?  Although in my defense I wasn't running for very long last year.. the thought of running for 1+ hours in the heat doesn't really appeal to me!  Now running while it's raining, windy or a bit cold - those are the days I am taking advantage of! 

I've been sporadic in the training, but really I'm ok with that.  I still have LOTS of time to train - 80 days to be precise!  I do plan to get a lot of good runs in while we are visiting family in New Brunswick for two weeks.  I will definitely have the time then.. no cooking, cleaning or laundry that I will need to tend to. 

Week of June 20th km's ran: 17.5 ... not too bad.  I'm running tonight with my running partner.. it's only a high of 17°, overcast and it may rain - but again .. OK with that!

Until next time.... Oh wait.. and I'm racing on Friday!  5k.. a bit of a sentimental race.. this time last year.. I ran this course for the FIRST time!  My FIRST race!  Last year's time 34:00 ... this year.. I want to break 26:00 ... we'll see!

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