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Saturday, July 25, 2009


Well I'm not sure if my urge to paint is either part of my nesting stage or just part of me wanting to make our new home... more.. ours...

Our kitchen back splash is tiled.. shades of brown.. it's alright, but I'm a white kinda gal.. I just love white or very light colours. It makes a home feel fresh and airy. So I've been researching this for a while.... I found some websites that showed backslashes that were done with tin tile. It looks FABULOUS!! I wouldn't do copper or the silver colour it looks TOO shiny for me..I would get the paintable kind or white ~ it looks really nice too! Very french country style... just what I like! I did pick up a brochure here at a local hardware store.. they do carry tin, but I'm certain it is for tin roofs. I was feeling very impatient.. so I decided to paint the back splash.. I've also seen kitchen that were re-done using this technique and it looks good too. So I opted to paint the back splash for now.. and if I really don't like it (but can live with it for a while) I will REALLY look into tin for the back splash.

I'm also going to be painting our kitchen table too. I am dreading doing that only because it will be quite the process and we won't be able to eat at the table for a few days... but I know once it is done I'm going to love it!

So these are the two projects that I'm working on right now... next will be painting the livingroom/dinningroom/foyer/hallway... but I don't want to think about that right now.. that will be a big job *sigh* .......but on the flip side.. the house will feel more like our own... and I will be able to satisfy my nesting urges!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just what we do...

So it's a crumby rainy day here.... kids are up from their nap.. I'm STILL in my pajamas (1:30p est)... My fridge STANK!!! And I mean it really STANK! I couldn't figure it out... so by process of elimination I got rid of the food/condiments that had gone bad... but that still didn't do the trick. It was DRIVING ME NUTS!! So I took the entire inside of the fridge apart! Cleaned each section..with soap, bleach and water... and viola! MY FRIDGE SMELLS LOVELY AGAIN!

So that's it for today... pretty boring, I'm going to take a shower now... I have dinner all ready to go.. I TOTALLY don't feel like cooking, so I chopped up some untouched leftover chicken boobies from last night and made chicken salad..and I have fresh homemade baking in my bread maker. That accompanied with a salad is just right for me (and will have to do for Jay!)... as for the kids... PASTA! I don't feel like fighting with them tonight!

So all my SAHM-diva duties are done for the day....... off to shower ~I know I've already said that but I'm sleep deprived ~ this baby in my belly does not let me get comfortable at night [:( ......... later and happy Thursday

Monday, July 20, 2009

Let's go a fishin'.....

We had a very busy Sunday... first things first off to church. Then we had a few errands to run... in the hopes that the kids would fall asleep in the car ~ AND THEY DID! Yeah! From there we were off to my in-laws.. aka Nanny & Gumpy's house.

Jay and his dad had an afternoon of fishing planned for Ava & Gabriel. I was very excited for Gabriel since this was his first time going fishing - and he had such a great time!! So off the four of them went with fishing rods and picnic lunch in hand.
I stayed back.. Coleen (my MIL), Grace and myself had lunch and enjoyed a leisurely afternoon of coffee, chatting and just relaxing. We were 'hoping' for fish for dinner ~ but thankfully Coleen thought ahead and had a wonderful dinner planned 'in case' no fishies made it home for dinner! Spaghetti, chicken parmesan, garlic bread and ceaser salad. And for dessert a drumstick cake -- soo yummy!

Gabriel did indeed have an awesome time! They decided to not put a hook on his rod... and I think for his first time.. it was the 'safest' decision for everyone!! Ava just loves fishing! The first time she went she was gone for almost the whole day! She just didn't want to leave~!

I'm soo happy the kids are able to have these special moments with their daddy and gumpy.. memories they can look back on and remember how much fun they had.. and how much they are loved!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Going with my Gut...

So recently we had to make a 'family' decision, I would rather not go into the details... but we felt it was a matter of keeping our child (ren) safe. As a parent God has entrusted us with them. And he has given us our 'gut' feeling or I also believe that it's the holy spirit guiding us. I am glad I decided to go with my instinct!

As a parent we are expected to keep our children safe and to create an environment where they are safe and feel safe. My upbringing was very strict even in my teenage years. And although I didn't really appreciate what my parents were doing, I am thankful that their decisions kept me 'safe'. I don't want to be strict with our children to the point that they are not given the opporunity to experience life and to enjoy friends and family. But I do want to teach my children to be safe and be aware of the type of world we live in. I know there will come a time that I will have to trust my children and trust that we raised them right. But not right now... not at 4.5 , 3 and 18 months years old. They are just babies.

That's not to say that bad things don't happen to good people, and that's not to say that you can control and prevent any pain in your children lives. But I do believe that when they are young we can teach them what is acceptable and what is not acceptable. And to make sure that they know that they are worthy and worth to be respected.

In the end we have to put our children's well being in the hands of God.. he has a plan for them and I pray daily that he puts a hedge of protection around them. And that his angels will protect and keep harm at bay.

I am relieved with my decision and I now have peace.

I am glad I went with my gut!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I've got a maid! Yaaaahooo!

So of course you would imagine that there is ALWAYS laundry to do around here.. especially with three kids (soon to be four ~ yikes!)....so I dumped the clothes on the laundry room floor and left to put the hamper back in the girls room. When I got back .... there was my Gracie putting the clothes in the washer! She is soo sweet! She had loads of fun (get it.. loads ~ I know... I'm witty! .. yeah whatever!)...So here are some pictures of my sweetie helping me with the laundry!

Hum... I wonder if she will help with the laundry with such enthusiasm when she is older??? :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The weather was great.. and the sky cleared up for fireworks... I'm super tired after a busy day of playing in the pool..sitting on the deck..making dinner...then heading down to the river to watch fireworks... so enjoy some good old Canada Day Pictures......