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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just what we do...

So it's a crumby rainy day here.... kids are up from their nap.. I'm STILL in my pajamas (1:30p est)... My fridge STANK!!! And I mean it really STANK! I couldn't figure it out... so by process of elimination I got rid of the food/condiments that had gone bad... but that still didn't do the trick. It was DRIVING ME NUTS!! So I took the entire inside of the fridge apart! Cleaned each section..with soap, bleach and water... and viola! MY FRIDGE SMELLS LOVELY AGAIN!

So that's it for today... pretty boring, I'm going to take a shower now... I have dinner all ready to go.. I TOTALLY don't feel like cooking, so I chopped up some untouched leftover chicken boobies from last night and made chicken salad..and I have fresh homemade baking in my bread maker. That accompanied with a salad is just right for me (and will have to do for Jay!)... as for the kids... PASTA! I don't feel like fighting with them tonight!

So all my SAHM-diva duties are done for the day....... off to shower ~I know I've already said that but I'm sleep deprived ~ this baby in my belly does not let me get comfortable at night [:( ......... later and happy Thursday

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