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Monday, July 20, 2009

Let's go a fishin'.....

We had a very busy Sunday... first things first off to church. Then we had a few errands to run... in the hopes that the kids would fall asleep in the car ~ AND THEY DID! Yeah! From there we were off to my in-laws.. aka Nanny & Gumpy's house.

Jay and his dad had an afternoon of fishing planned for Ava & Gabriel. I was very excited for Gabriel since this was his first time going fishing - and he had such a great time!! So off the four of them went with fishing rods and picnic lunch in hand.
I stayed back.. Coleen (my MIL), Grace and myself had lunch and enjoyed a leisurely afternoon of coffee, chatting and just relaxing. We were 'hoping' for fish for dinner ~ but thankfully Coleen thought ahead and had a wonderful dinner planned 'in case' no fishies made it home for dinner! Spaghetti, chicken parmesan, garlic bread and ceaser salad. And for dessert a drumstick cake -- soo yummy!

Gabriel did indeed have an awesome time! They decided to not put a hook on his rod... and I think for his first time.. it was the 'safest' decision for everyone!! Ava just loves fishing! The first time she went she was gone for almost the whole day! She just didn't want to leave~!

I'm soo happy the kids are able to have these special moments with their daddy and gumpy.. memories they can look back on and remember how much fun they had.. and how much they are loved!

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