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Monday, June 6, 2011

Some Runs are just not meant to be......

Wow ~ ok ~ I had a really really crappy run tonight.  Hubby had to work late.. but he was home by 8:20p so I thought I would go for a quick (quick) 5k run.  I was kinda wanting to break my last time back in March of 27:32... but no such luck.  My run actually sucked!  No luck at all!  But perhaps it's not luck.. .. but number of other reasons:

  1. We just got back from a mini-road trip.. and we spent about 11 hours of driving (in total).
  2. I've been staying up late all weekend visiting with my sister and family .. perhaps enjoying some wine.
  3. Ah yes and I almost forgot.. I fell down three cement stairs on Saturday.. oh yes how could I forget?  My butt is killing, my back feels like it was pushed out to the front of my chest.  And my shoulder and neck are stiff and very achy.
Hum I guess those could all be factors ;)  OR I just had a really really disappointing run tonight. 

Time will tell.......

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