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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sick! Sick I tell ya!

I think I'm going to throw up.. I just signed up for my first 10k race and 1/2 Marathon!  What am I thinking?  I am sooo excited.. but soo scared at the same time!  I've never raced outside of where I live.. I can handle crowds certainly.. but I've never had a race in a crowd - does that make sense?  Will I get there in time?  Will I know where to pick up my race package?  Will I miss the starting line?  OK maybe I'm over reacting.. but I like to be prepared, run the course a few times... check out where I am suppose to be BEFORE I need to be there.  OK I need to calm down!

Eeeekkk soo very exciting!  Please pray that my training goes well for this 1/2 and that my body can withstand all this running with no injuries.  Oh yeah.. and that I drop these darn last 15-20lbs!

Ohh joy!  Oh joy!

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