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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Only Once a Year...

We take the time.....

...as a family...

...to drive around town and...

..enjoy the homes that are beautifully lit.

We ooh and ahhhh....

...Christmas music is on the radio..

...we laugh and just enjoy this simple time together.

Our children are young... and only for a short time.  It is now that we want to instill the simple beauties and pleasures in life.  Spending time together as a family.  Fostering their love for eachother as brothers and sisters.  We've done this a few years in a row now and it never gets old or dull!  We even drove by a few churches with their nativity scenes placed in front.  It is beautiful to see, tradition, the truth and reason of Christmas... another opportunity to talk to the children about the birth of our savour. 

Merry almost Christmas!


  1. We do exactly the same thing and it started before we had kids! ;) lol!!! Add some hot chocolate to the whole thing and you can't go wrong! (well warm chocolate...in sippy cups!) ;) lol! This year the kids fell asleep about 15 minutes into the whole thing, ah well it was a family event AND a date night! ;)


  2. So pretty Anita!!! Many of us do this but it's nice to see it through your eyes...these are the family moments to cherish. The pictures are beautiful!!


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