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Monday, February 28, 2011


Freeze your Buns Run #2 is well behind me.  You will commonly hear that running is therapeutic.  It is time for you to think.  Yes it is those things.. for me it's also a way to push myself to my limits.  To talk myself through the pain.  Talk myself out of wanting to stop. 

For a few months now I've been running with a friend Wednesday nights.  She is awesome!  She is a very experienced runner.. she has offer advice, encouragement.. but mostly keeps me going.  So while I was running this past Saturday all I heard was her voice in my head:

"Keep you knees up!"
"Keep your head up"
"Push up the hill.. pass people!"

I did it!  Kept those knees and head up.. pushed up that hill (a VERY LONG hill).. and passed two runners while going up!

I am very happy that all my efforts paid off.  Despite the snow, wind and very slushy conditions.. Saturday reaped a new pb for my 5k.  27:51 !!  I can't believe it!
Thank you Alyson for pushing me on the nights that I just didn't want to be pushed!  For guiding and offering great advice.  For encouraging me.. and reminding me to NOT be soo hard on myself!

I've learned SOO much about what my body CAN do.. instead of what my brain tells me I CAN'T do.  This is definitely soo mind over body for me!  And probably for most I would say.

Happy Running Ya'll!  I am starting to fall in love with running all over again!


  1. I hope to be back feeling that same wonderful feeling soon! Congrats to you Anita! I am so happy for you, and it is great you and Alyson can run together! I hope the three of us can go running one day soon. :D

  2. Wow, great job! 5K in under a half hour, that's crazy - not to mention the fact that you run for half and hour! ;) Way to go! I like how you said the bit about learning what your body can do and not what your brain says you can't! Good words to think on!

  3. Thank YOU for keeping me running ;)


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