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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Seriously Plateauxing

I am trying not to panic.. REALLY trying not to panic!  I've realized that my body is becoming 'lazy'.. it has gotten accustom to my level of activity and what I am feeding it.  Resulting in .. no results or very little.  I've mentioned it before.. but it is soo very hard for me to loose weight, nothing in the past seemed to work.  But when I started running and watching what I ate the pounds just started to come off... 1lbs.. then 2 lbs.. all the way to where I am now.. 33.5lbs.  I was SOOO excited and SOOO motivated when I saw that this was actually working.  So you'll understand that now I am panicking.. or should I say.. WAS starting to panic.  But after getting some really great advice from my fitness/health guru friend I am on track again.

I have to kick it up a notch, not let the February blues get to me.  And remember my goals.  That is a big thing for me!  A really good reminder of what I want to accomplish in the next few months to a year and for life.  I read a great article by John Stanton and I just wanted to share with everyone the goals portion of the article:

1. DAILY GOAL to get out the door every day
2. A SELF-ACCEPTANCE GOAL to condition yourself to the fact that daily fitness is part of your lifestyle.
3. A PERFORMANCE GOAL for a season - either a distance goal, such as running a 10K or a time goal, such as breaking 45 minutes for a 10K
4. A DEDICATION GOAL or a special goal for the season - something that will motivate you to continue training throughout the year.  Dedicate your year to the memories of a loved one, or dedicate your goal to proving you can do it when others believe you cannot.
5. A DREAM GOAL - a big race or special distance that seems just slightly out of reach but achievable.
(source: Goal-setting in 2011 John Stanton running room mag jan/feb 2011 vol 17 issue 1)

Reading this article is just one thing that has REALLY helped me to re-focus on MY goals.  So here I go again.. onto another level/phase of my journey to loose weight, be more healthy and active and to an overall healthier lifestyle.

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