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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Looking for some Inspiration

I feel like I am hitting a wall.  I'm loosing a bit of my drive to run.  *Gasp*... my heart just started beating really fast I as I wrote that!  I don't want to loose my interest.  I think those stupid February blues are trying to get to me.  I managed to run through those dark November, December and January months.. now I'm starting to fall back in February?  Really?  Ahh.. that makes me get soo angry at myself.  You wouldn't believe how much I am LONGING FOR IT TO STAY LIGHTER OUT LONGER.  I am an evening runner.  That's what works for my family's schedule.  And I am very ok with this.  Everyone is taken care of.. including me.  So for us that is how it works.  I am soo longing to go for an evening run and not have to jet home because it's pitch dark.  I live in the country.  So when I say it's pitch dark - it is in fact.. pitch dark.. with the exception of the moon (if it's bright enough).

I think I am doing ok with my eating.. but frankly I am battling another 'issue'.. not really an issue per say.. ok lets get personal here.. my dang period.  Seriously.. do I REALLY NEED to be this regular (personal pray: Lord I believe you have blessed us with the children we are going to have.. would it be possible if menopause came early for me?  Thank you Jesus).  Anyway.. I'm totally not making fun of prayer.. I am a Christian.. I am just need some support here!

Anyway with this 'regulatrity' comes all the fun stuff, cravings (which I am getting WAY better at curving), bloating, tiredness, achiness (as I have arthritis).  So this is what I face every three weeks.. yup - it's the wonderful.

On to some inspiration that I am longing for.. I was reading one of the running magazines that I have .. and I came across this one woman's story.  AMAZING!  Inspiring to say the least.  What I LOVE, truly LOVE about running is everyone has a story.  A journey.  And ANYONE can start and succeed at it.  LOVE IT!  OK.. so as I am writing this post.. I feel my running fire being ignited - yay! 

So there you have it... oh and as far as weight loss.. I'm still at 33.5 lbs.  That is what I am getting frustrated at.  No weight loss.. but my body is changing.. but frankly when a person has a lot of weight to loose.. we really want to see that number go down... Good news though.. bought a new pair of pants... SIZE 9!!  Yay!

Run Hard!  Run for fun!  Just Run!

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