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Friday, May 13, 2011

Small Group - BIG opportunities

We host a small group at our home every Monday night.  We love opening up our home.  Are we a busy family - yup!  Is it crazy hectic in the hour and half that I am home before everyone arrives at 7pm - you betcha!  Are we tried some nights.. but then the thought of seeing everyone gets us reved up again - yes and yes!

But what Jay and I figure... it's about relationships.  Relationships with people in our church.  Relationships with people who are seeking the Lord.  Relationships with our children.  Teaching them to be hospitable.  Teaching them to share what we have.  Teaching them to love others where they are in life. 

Most if not all the people that come to our small group are thoroughly entertained by our children!  Whether the children are giving everyone hugs good night, just popping their head in to say "hi!", trying to stay up later, showing them their karate/dancing moves, wanting to take pictures of them while they are coming in.... or even asking to see the treats that the group will be eating... and asking if they could save a couple for them to eat the next day!

Either way... I think it's great that we are able to connect with people on a different level.  In this crazy busy 'season' we are in.. I am thankful we still have time for relationships.


  1. I remember as a kid that I loved when my parents entertained and that having people in was always so much fun! Could be way I so thouroughly enjoy entertaining now?!?!?

    By the way, I LOVE the new photos of your family on the side!!!!!!!!!! LOVE THEM!!!!

  2. Aw thanks Kaitlin! My fab-four! ☺ Oh and btw I love your photography.. you are soo awesome at it!

  3. Don't you mean fab five!?!? ;) lol! Awe, thank YOU! I really appreciate the compliments!! :)

  4. oh yes.. fab five! my mistake ;D ;D


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