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Monday, May 30, 2011

I am FREE!

I am free from weeding.  Free from watering.  Free from worrying if my plants will make it through the night and get munched on by bunnies, deer or other small critters.

In conclusion.. no veggie garden this year.  I was a bit sad at the thought of not having one.  But I just have to be realistic this year.  I'm just not 'into' gardening a veggie plot this.  PLUS.. we'll be gone for a few weeks through the summer on our family vacation.. and I just think the garden will go down the tubes. 

So there - no fresh veggies from our garden this year.. HOWEVER I will still maintain the plot.  Add veggie and fruit scraps to it, grass clippings and in the fall leaves.  I'll just keep preparing the area for next year.

Until then... I will be running, soaking up the sun, working on my tan ;), lots of lounging by our pool... and RELAXING....  Hmmmm anyone want to sell me fresh veggies?  Or 'donate' to a large growing family?  haahaa

Happy Gardening Y'all!

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  1. I love the idea of a garden of fresh veggies but I never get there...nope not even close - so good for you for the times you've done it and for even keeping the plot up when you are not! I guess it's to the farmers market for us! ;)


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