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Friday, January 25, 2013

Adding Character to your Home doesn`t have to cost a lot!

I love home decorating   I love unique, simple and one of a kind things!  I THINK I have a flare for it... but I guess anyone can think otherwise ;)

I`ve made a few big changes in our home, that really did not cost much.  Our basement was a brownish colour called Sand Motif... I`ve changed it to wedding white (which I love, love, love!)  It`s my `go-to`white!   Our wood furniture in our bedroom is distressed with eggshell wedding white... and I just love it!

After visiting a friends 1800 something stone home.. I was so very inspired by all her interior black doors.  Overall her home is decorated and painted in much darker tones... but really it just goes sooo perfectly well with the style and age of her beautiful home.  I personally love the contrast of black doors and white or light walls... so I thought I could incorporate that look in our home and add loads of character.  Also, because our home is a newer build (1994)... I feel I am a bit limited in my decorating style (in a sense).  We LOVE LOVE LOVE old stone homes or Victorian homes... and we almost bought one when we moved.. but there were just some attributes that we just couldn `t get over.. i.e. no basement, smaller rooms etc. 

Regardless... the first time we viewed our home we fell in love with it and just knew it was the home for us.

Another little trick I did was paint our interior front door the same colour of red that it is painted on the exterior side.  I completed that project almost a year ago, and we really like the fun, unique way to add color to our foyer.
I`ve also had another project brewing around in my head for a GOOD few months now!  My only stumbling block what purchasing the paint that I needed!  To complete this project I needed Krylon Mirror Paint Finish... which you can only buy in the U.S. and you can not ship to Canada!  Well I was able to ship it to the UPS store in the US and my in-laws picked it up for me ;) 
I had two side tables that I purchase both for $50 probably about a year and a half ago.. but the great thing about them... what they also came with glass cut to size and the design of the top of the tables!  They were a great purchase!  So my idea was to spray paint the tops of the glass to create the mercury glass look.  We really like the finish product.  And the best part about having distressed tables and mercury looking glass tops is that they are very child friendly!!
I was pretty sure I was already in love with mercury glass... I was just only hoping that I had enough to do a `few` more projects around the house.  I had a ton of glass vases and votives that I wanted to spice up.. as well as a piece of glass that I had cut many years ago for a little table.  Here is the finish product!!!  I arranged them on a silver tray my mom gave me... and voila.. a little mercury glass treasure collection :)

It does not have to cost much or break the bank when it comes to home decorating.  I am a big believer that all you need is a vision, a can of paint, a paint brush and some time :)  

Happy Home Decorating :)  


  1. You have some great ideas there! I love your little owl. :D


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