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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Simple Party Ideas~!

Our daughter wanted a "girl" party... and I am here to share some very simple party ideas.  Most supplies I am sure you already have in your home.

Does a room in your home have a chalk board?  Big or small will work!  I personally LOVE chalk boards... we have one in our kitchen... and the one below is in the children's play room.  So... why not create your very own... super personalized chalk board art? 

Do you wear nail polish?  If not... check out your local dollar store and pick up some fun, bright colours that any girl would be proud to sport on their nails!  

I added a glass/crystal tray (that I just happen to have) to make this little salon a bit more upscale!

I believe that every little girl... or big girl for that matter should know they are beautiful.. outside.. ok.. yes.. but more importantly inside.  So I created this little card that each girl took home after visiting the "salon" ;)  It was fun, simple and a great take home reminder that they are treasured and loved.
 Hubby set up one of our Rubbermaid tables, and I dressed it up with a pair of cream table clothes (that I own).... laid some steamers  and topped the table off with a long piece of craft paper.

I picked up these little babies at Micheal's Craft. I like them because they went with the ballerina theme and they were actually $1.00.  Not $1.25 which is what they would be priced at most dollar stores (hmmm go figure!)  

There are the loot bags that I made for the girls.  Simply 12 x 12 scrapbook paper rolled into a cone shape.  The ribbon I picked up at the dollar store and only need I roll.  

 These ones I made for the boys that came towards the end of the party to enjoy some birthday cake ;)

  And this is what I included in the "cone" loot bags.  I can't even tell you how inexpensive... yet very unique and fun these contents were.  I made the play dough. 
There you have it.  What I think was a super cute, pretty put together little girl party that everyone seemly had a fun time ;)


  1. Nice! I love me a budget friendly birthday party!! (especially now that I have to monitor the budget! haha!) The streamer idea across the table is great - I'll have to lock that one away in my ol' memory banks!! And the loot bag cones are soo pretty - I want one!! ;) It looked like such a cute party! :D

  2. So many amazing and fun little touches...LOVE it all :)


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