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Monday, January 28, 2013

A Great Book Series to Encourage Imgaination & Foster a love for Mystery !

Kids Book Club time!  I picked up this GREAT book series off our local area Kijiji site .. it is entitled The Boxcar Children.  I purchased 22 books for $11.00 - yes!  They were in brand new condition.

My thought was to give them to our eldest daughter .. but I wasn't really sure if she would like these series of books.  So we decided to wrap up the first book and give it to her as one of her Christmas gifts.  Much to my delight.. she LOVES them!

She has just been *eating* them up!  This is a great little fiction series that incorporates adventure, mystery and suspense!  I really do believe it is more effective to encourage your children to be excited about reading if you can find genera of books or book series that your children love.  I really like this series because it is on the cusp of Ava's reading level.  It is not too difficult that she becomes frustrated and puts the book down; but it also has enough in there to challenge her to the next reading level.  This series is geared towards grades 3 - 5. 

I've provided a link if you are interested in the books and where you can purchase them.  I encourage you to check out your local second hand stores, Kijiji type sites, Craig lists etc... you can get great prices on them if you want to stock up and acquire the entire series.

**book cover image only used for reference purposes only , not used for any type of monetary profit**

Happy Reading!

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