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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Running Vacation ☺

OK.. OK.. I broke down and took some very good advice from a couple of my running friends!  I took a week off from running.  Last week I started to experience significant pain in my knee.  I'm very certain I need a new pair of running shoes.. and I will be buying a new pair.  I'm also thinking that it is WHERE I'm running.  My road is a gravel and so when it is graded they dump down HUGE rocks - which in turn is not very soft and cushy to run on.  I am also finding that because I am starting to really cover more kilometers on my runs I CAN NOT continue to run a slop or up one side and then back down the other.  I will need to be more diligent when I run and take note of these conditions.

Tonight I will be running, last Wed was my last time out.  We will see how I do.  I've been icing it and taking ibuprofen.  It is not swollen just swore.. all be it swore enough that I was having difficulty walking last week.

I will update you all after my run tonight.  Until then.. keep on keepin on! ☺

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