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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My non-dryer use Challenge

Our dryer died on Sunday, July 10th!  At first I panicked because we are a family of six and to keep up with laundry I do one or two loads EVERY night.. once the hydro rate drops after 9pm I pop the laundry in the dryer.. wait.. then pop in another and go to bed.

We are now day four without a dryer.. and I'm actually totally ok with it.  Actually I'm excited about it.  I can't believe I just wrote that!  Frankly I HATE.. HATE hanging little clothes on the line.. tiny socks, itty bitty underwear etc etc etc.  With four little ones its ALOT of little clothes to hang.  I totally don't mind hanging sheets, blankets, my husbands clothing or mine.. but the children's.. HATE!

But I am actually feeling really FREE at the moment!  Firstly I love the thought of not having to DEPEND on electricity for drying EVERY SINGLE piece of clothing.  AND the thought of having a decrease in my hydro bill is VERY exciting!  And motivating!  I started to think.. could I do this ALL year round though?  And actually it would be EASIER for me in the winter.  We heat our home with a combination of oil furnace but also with our wood stove.  Boy can our wood stove pump out the heat.  Friends that visit can attest to that.. you can be sure that withing minutes of being in our home.. children are whipping off tights, socks, sweaters and sometimes skirts and pants!  Adults however generally only shred a sweater ;)

So here is my challenge for myself... how long can I go without putting ONE SINGLE item in the dryer??

I don't know where this new drive has come from.. it really started with my running.  I really REALLY like to challenge myself, I like to feel like I am driven... so this non-dryer use challenge ... is... well.. fun!  And exciting!

Here are 10 Reasons to NOT use your clothes dryer:
  1. You'll save money on electricity (or natural gas)
  2. Your clothes will last longer
  3. Your clothes won't shrink
  4. You won't set stains
  5. You'll save money by not replacing a worn out dryer
  6. You'll have less fire risk
  7. You won't need a humidifier 
  8. You won't be heating your house more in the summer
  9. You won't have to iron as much
  10. You'll feel good about helping the planet
Keep watch of the weather for those sunny breezy days to hang a load or two... Until next time


  1. you are hillarious. yes you are driven. no doubt.
    more reasons...
    the sun is a great bleach!
    and the clothes smell great!

    I just don't like scratchy towels.

  2. Oooo, interesting...though I really, REALLY like my dryer! I think I'd almost rather give up the washer....almost! ;) By the way, what day did it break on? You posted July 24th....but it's only the 14th....unless I've missed something! ;) lol!

    PS> I love your header picture, beautiful colours!!! ♥


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