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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last Night's Run

All seems well with my knee.  It was a bit sore and stiff but I'm thinking that was from not running for a week.  Yup folks - I loose it THAT fast!  That is why I have to run ALL the time.. I will loose my endurance, lung capacity and pack on the weight in a blink of an eye.

Even today as I write this my knee does not hurt.  I still am going to buy a new pair of running shoes... but I think the rest did my knee well.

I've also decided that I am going to start using a 1/2 marathon training schedule.  I am starting to FREAK out that I won't be ready in time.  I still haven't found one that I like (or that I can even read for that matter!!  I find them soo confusing.. all the abbreviations..) I am a simple girl I tell ya!  I'll just jump in where the schedule is at 12k - that's STILL where I'm at... oh well.. its been a hot and busy summer.. and to top it off this whole knee thing.

I'll keep ya'll posted when I find one.....

Happy Running!

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