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Thursday, July 7, 2011

My shoes are my problem.. for now...

I'm pretty sure I need a new pair of running shoes.  I am now running in my second pair of shoes.  Yup!  Two pairs of runners in one year.  Do you think that sounds like alot?  It may.. but did you know that there are many factors that can contribute to a person needing new shoes?  Here are those factors:

  1. Depending how many miles/kilometers you are running you need to purchase new running shows at LEAST twice a year.  Yes sirree!  It is recommended that your shoes should be changed every 300-500 miles (that would be 483-805 kilometers)
  2. Another way to gauge if you need new runners is how they are feeling.  Are you starting to have discomfort or pain when you run?  How do they feel on?  Are they rubbing in places that they never did before?  Are you starting to incur injuries?
  3. How many months have you had them?  Some runners can last up to eight months while others may need to be replaced at four or six months.
  4. Weight and your form can also be contributing factor as to how your shoes feel on your tootsies.  If you are a runner that is overweight and if you do not have the proper form these two factors can have a huge effect on where and how your running shoes are 'wearing'.  The weight thing you can not overcome at the moment.. you are out there running - and that is a good thing.. the weight WILL come off.  Your form however.. if you feel like you are flailing around while you run.. you probably are!  If you only want to run at night so no one can see you because you think you look silly... well it may just be your form.  Get help in that department!  Try to hook up with a local running group, seek advice from a knowledgeable running friend (if you have one) or even just research running videos on YouTube.
Those are the most common reasons why you may need a new pair of running shoes.

Now where do I fit in here... I am well into my 1/2 marathon training and I'd say I'm beginning to experience most of the above.  My left knee and upper thigh have started to give me some pain.  I've had the same pair of runners since January, so you have to understand that I ran in the cold cold winter.  I do believe that extreme heat and cold would have an effect on shoes.  I am still working at loosing weight, I am certain that my extra 20lbs pounding on those shoes are definitely starting to compromise them.  My weekly miles/kilometers are starting to accumulate.  My highest weeks have been 25km - now I know that is not that high.. but while I continue to train those weekly km's are only going to increase.  As far as my form, I have been told that my form is good.. although now that I am starting to feel quite a bit of discomfort in my shoes I am starting to overcompensate.

So the jury is out.. I am very certain that I need a new pair of running shoes.  As we are a family that chooses to live on one income.. that expense will have to wait for a bit.. but not too long because I don't want to sustain more injuries.  In the meantime I will continue to enjoy a couple of ibuprofens throughout the day and snuggle up to an icepack at night.

Happy Running folks!

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