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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Is it my computer? Is it Blogger.com?

OK.. I am getting really frustrated now!  I can barely post.. having trouble adding pictures and now I can't change the design of my page.  Many people have told me they can't post a comment.  And most times they can't even pull up my blog.  Are YOU having trouble with these things?

I've taken off my background.. if I could be successful at it.. I would take down my weight widget and see if that makes a difference.. I don't know if these two things have created a virus or something associated with my blog. 

I am debating switching over to wordpress.  Is wordpress 'good'  I've never used it... I'm going to see if there is a way to e-mail blogger... if I can even get that far...
Sooo frustrated.. I want to post soo many things!  arrrrahhhhhhh


  1. I was having similar problems awhile back, so I downloaded Windows Live Writer which links a Windows based program to your Blogger account and makes it SOOOOO much easier to manage everything. Now it's as simple as writing something in Word. Give it a try, it might help!

  2. Hi Anita,

    I have been wanting to read and follow your blog for sometime now, but yes I do have problems when I try to view your blog. It usually crashes my internet explorer!! I'm using firefox right now(because I have both on my computer...for some reason...) and it seems to handle your blog fine. But not EI, weird?!?!

    I used to use wordpress, when I first started blogging....it took me a while to decided which I prefered. In the end I decided blogger (obiously) only because blogger was SUPER user friendly and I had been doing so much technical stuff at that point that I wanted something more point and click. Though I do continue to use Wordpress to run both my art site and my husbands Home Inspection site. Blogger is easier - but not when you're having so many of the problems you are experiencing. Anyways this has turned into quite the comment...you could always email me if you want to talk more. hmdesign@live.ca


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