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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alive and Well.. and feeling out of sorts

Hi all!

Although I don't have many 'followers'... I feel bad that I have neglected my blog.  It's not that I haven't wanted to write.  I've been having some technical difficulties both with the 'hardware' and me!  I've downloaded this writer program that another fellow blogger suggested.. and although it is super easy and quick to use.. that hasn't really solved my problem of updating my blog (visually).  Anyway... I'm going to keep plugging away at it.

I've also had trouble putting my words down.. I've been soo busy.. but it's not anymore busy than I was before.  Does that make sense?  A bit of an update...

Our Christmas was wonderful!  Hubby and I really tired to keep it simple this year.  Keeping the focus on birth of Christ.. because that IS what Christmas is about.  We enjoyed Christmas plays, looking at the homes with all their Christmas lights.  Sledding, hot chocolate.  Christmas movie nights.  Getting together with friends and family.  It was really one of the best Christmas's by far!

I gained 3lbs over Christmas *sigh*.. but I guess that is pretty good considering I could have gained A LOT more!  I enjoyed cookies, wine and lots of other decant Christmas foods.. but I did still try to watch what I ate.  I think the biggest contributor of putting the weight on was that I wasn't able to get out and run as much.  We were just soo busy - seemed like every night we were out doing something or having someone over.  So I did get out of my routine of running 4 times a week.  But I am happy to say.. now that we are part way through January.. I've lost the 3lbs and an additional 1.5lbs.  So my official number is 169.5lbs total loss = 32.5lbs!  Yay!  I can't believe it!  I've adjusted what I want my goal weight to be. Originally it was 150lbs but now I'd really like to be 145lbs.  So I have 24.5lbs to go.  It's going to take a lot of work (like it hasn't been up till now! ☺).  But I am eager to reach it by the summer time!  I am now running 3 times a week, and would like to get back to 4.  From there I'd like to increase it to 5 times.  I am 'training' to run a 10k race this May.  I am soo nervous, excited and I doubt myself every time I drive 10k!  I think to myself.. 'that is soooo far!!!'

Homeschooling.. well that has been challenging to get started up again after being off for a few weeks over Christmas Break.  It's been hard for me to get motivated but more so for Ava.  She's been complaining about doing her school work, and although she is doing well I don't want to get behind.  We have a curriculum that we follow.... and I'd like to cover most if not all the content.  I've had some talks with Ava.. explained to her that she is very blessed to be able to do school at home.  To have such a flexible schedule that she is able to go and play outside for an hour or so.. come back in read, have lunch.. take a nap if she needs to.  Watch a movie.. go outside again.  Or spend some one on one time with me.  I think she is starting to see the benefits.. but she is only 6. 

I think another reason I've had a hard time to sit and post on my blog is because I have been praying.  Praying to God to help me live in the moment.  I know I know you hear that everywhere.  But I really do get lost in all my 'to do' lists that I really don't enjoy the moment or the day.  I've been praying to be thankful for where I am RIGHT NOW in my life.  To enjoy the time I have with my children... to watch them grow, learn and be a positive mommy roll model.  I can be such a worry wort.  Wondering, worrying, trying to plan ahead and ahead and ahead.  That I miss what awesome experiences I could be enjoying right now.  So I've been trying to not spend too much time on the computer... I feel like such a slug when the kids want to play a game or watch a movie with me.. and I say 'one second.. one second.. one second'.. then the moment has passed.  I do find it hard though sometimes at night when I am trying to catch up on my e-mails and they still want me to sit and watch a movie with them.  Some days I do find it difficult because I am with them all day... but I have to just learn to prioritize.. give them my energy and time when they are awake..

hummm what else.. I think that is about it... there may be a few big changes happening for our family, but I can't go into details right now.  Again I am praying and asking God to open the door if this is what we should be doing.. or just close it so I know I am where I need to be.  That's it.. sorry to keep anyone hanging.. but that's all I can say right now.

Hope everyone is enjoying this cold weather.. oye... just checked the weather network -19 degrees with the windchill.  Now that is chilly!  (it was -26 on Monday!)

Happy Mid-Winter Y'all!

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