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Thursday, December 23, 2010

3 - 1 = happy girl

Remember when I was questioning whether I was plateauing or maintaining my weight over the holiday's?  Well.. I OBVIOUSLY spoke too soon!  Since the end of November we have been CRAZY busy with Christmas outings, parties, eating and just enjoying all the goodies that are around this time of year.  I was starting to feel bloated (probably all the salt in those yummy hors d'oeuvres) that PAIRED with barley running two times a week.  The recipe for the lost of my 30 some lbs has been... run three to four times a week... and watch what I eat.  The running was put aside.. and so was my desire to eat *better*.  But I am back on track!  Last week and this week has actually been slower for us.  We have all our Christmas shopping done.  Wrapping (well.. making my cloth bags are almost done.. that will be in another post).  Christmas plays and outings are done.  So I now have some of my nights back.

I've been able to get out three times this week.  And I will get my fourth run in Christmas Eve morning (soo thankful my hubby will be home).  So there!  Yay me.. got my four times in this week.  And I feel fabulous!  Starting to feel light, fit and feeling my muscles again.  It's all good!

I thought I would be able to get through the Christmas Season not gaining any weight.. but I did.. 3lbs. OK OK.. I know that is not much.. but when you are trying to loose over 50lbs you start to panic when you GAIN weight.  It would be VERY VERY easy for me.. to just sit on the couch at night, enjoy a coffee and a slice of cake or other baked goodies.. and just gain and gain all my weight back.  BUT the way I look it is this little slump was a test.. as test for me.  Do I get discouraged?  Do I start to panic and just start eating and eating and eating.  Do I start to hate food?  The answers are: No.  No.  And No.  So I am happy to report.. I am back on the running saddle and I am down a pound!  I am determined to START the New Year back at the weight I was before the Christmas Season started.  170.5lbs.  Then my training for my 10k in the spring can resume!

3 - 1 = one happy girl!  Happy Dance. 

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