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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Christmas Traditions

Something that we enjoy doing at Christmas is filling our stockings with tradition.  Our stockings are not just filled to the brim with candies and chocolate.. because frankly there is enough of it in the house to get your fill!  Instead we try to keep our stocking simple, purposeful, steeped in traditional items and hopefully memories of love for our children.  OK.. so to the fun stuff.. in each stocking we place a very large orange (something we've done since we've been married).  Another type of fruit, something that normally wouldn't be found in the house.. this year I chose a pomegranate.  It's Christmas-y!  Fun!  And its a new fruit the children can try!  Some old fashioned ribbon candy and a candy stick.  Socks, underwear, toothbrush and toothpaste are always an essential in our stockings!  This year we will also be tucking in a small special toy.  I am soo excited with the items I found!  Locally handmade knitted dolls for the girls.  A wooden monkey swinging thingy for Gabriel and stacking cups for Linden!  I think they will really like them.  Our hope with the stocking is to show our children that with simple items and some items that we don't get to indulge in throughout the year is what it should be about! 

Another tradition we've had since the birth of Ava is New Christmas pajamas!  I love going shopping and picking out some cozy new pajamas for the children to snuggle down in and sleep away the night only to wake to a very exciting Christmas morning!  I get excited myself cutting off the tags, washing them and folding them.  As I anxiously await to give them their new jammies!

That is two of our traditions that our family enjoys every Christmas.  I hope everyone is ready!  We are excited... excited for the birth of our Saviour - Jesus.

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