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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas in our Home

Here is a little tour of our home at Christmas.  I try to keep the decorating simple, fun (since we have soo many little ones), wintery so I can keep them up after Christmas and also focus on the birth of Christ.  Since frankly that IS what Christmas is about!


We have a whimsical snow family visiting in my measuring cups!

 Our Kitchen Christmas Tree.

My beloved bushman skier from my dear friend Minna from Finland.

Our hot chocolate station (which in MY opinion EVERY home needs!)

Our nativity (given to me by my mom... very special to me, which I hope to pass down to one of our children someday)

Fresh Greens

All our wonderful Christmas cards (LOVE receiving Christmas Cards!)

Our family room Christmas Tree (a skinny one this year!)

Our computer desk... where I blog from ☺

Special Christmas Cards... handwritten cards dated 2006 from my mom.  Written inside each card is a special note to myself, Jay, Ava & Gabriel.  I will treasure these forever.

Stockings are hung.

There you have it.  A glimpse into our home and how we get ready for Christmas!

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  1. laminate the cards from your mom!
    I love the simple things as well.


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