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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Seeing the seeds we sow...

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Last night my sister accepted Christ!  For so many years I have been praying for her salvation.  For our Lord to draw her close to him.  Through some hard life lessons she has learned and is continuing to learn she was seeking God more and more.  Asking more and more questions.  We've all been there.. before we were born again and after we cry out: "Why oh Lord.. Why God.. Why is this happening to me?  Why are you doing this to me".... and although we may feel that we are alone, that no one cares certainly not God or a God... he is always with us.  Not 'doing bad things to us'.. yet 'allow us to experience these lessons'.. to bring us to our knees and to know THERE IS A GOD who FOREVER LOVES YOU.  That LOVES YOU soo much that he sent his son - Jesus to SUFFER and DIE on the cross FOR YOU!  He knows YOUR NAME.

And so last night I walked my sister through Romans road.  She weeped and said the prayer.  Weeped at the understand that Jesus suffered on the cross for HER.  That she is not worthy (none of us are), but he did nonetheless.  EVERYDAY we are not worthy.. but EVERYDAY our Father.. our Lord loves us.

If you are seeking God.. if you want Jesus in your heart.  If you want to live for ETERNITY in Heaven.. pray to God ask him to guide you.. if you don't have one .. get a bible... hook up with A GOOD BIBLE BELIEVING CHURCH... read and follow passages (in the link below)... and say the prayer -- ask Jesus to be in your heart.... AND SHARE YOUR GOOD NEWS... TELL SOMEONE!



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  1. Praise be to Our Lord and Maker!! Congratulations on the good heart news Anita :) I will continue to pray with you on this new life in your sister. May God continue to bless you and the seeds you sow.


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