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Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Strategy

I have consistently be running 4 times a week.  This works for me.  I did take a whole week off after I ran my second 5k about two weeks ago.  And it felt good.  It felt good to rest.  It felt good that I had to FORCE myself to not go and run.  (that is a big stretch for me.. to WANT to do some sort of exercise). It felt good that I continued to eat well and didn't gain any weight.  On the days that I don't meet with the group I either run by myself or if anyone offers to run with me.. I almost always accept the invite. 

Here is what I do:

Monday - I run my time, which means I can run a 5k in about 31 minutes.  So I run for about 30 minutes.  Simple right?  'Cause it is.  (the concept not the running for 30minutes!  At least not for me!)☺

Tuesday - I'm with my running group.  We are generally at the track, working on our speed and tempo.  But we've also been doing some new training to help with endurance as well.. and that would be hill work.  Yay!  Not!  But I hope to see some results from running up and down and CRAZY STEEP hill!

Wednesday - rest!  rest!  rest!

Thursday - run my time again... but with a bit of a change... I'm going to be running my time but adding 5 minutes.  So I will be running for 35 minutes.  I will do this for a couple of weeks.. then increase my time again by another 5 minutes.

Friday - rest!  rest!  rest!  again.. ☺

Saturday - I'm with my running group again.  We do differently things on this day as well.  Sometimes we just go for a run.  Sometimes we do sprints.  Sometimes we do tempo stuff.  It depends.  But what is important is that I'm out there.

Sunday - you guessed it... rest!  rest!  rest!

And that's what I'm doing folks.  I did get a bit down on myself this week.  I was looking at the pictures that someone took of me at my last race.  And my butt looked big... I mean BIG!  *sigh*  I have lost weight and my body is changing.. and running is getting ALITTLE easier for me... but I have to keep on track.  I have to remember that this will take time.  It took me YEARS to put on the weight.  Four babies in under 5 years (yikes.. do the math.. and none of them are twins☺).  So anyway... I am back in my positive happy place in my head.

Ran tonight.  It felt good.  I love that I have an ipod now... I can focus on the music and imagine myself running at the next race! ☺

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