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Friday, August 27, 2010

In my World..

In my World I am ....

Preparing for school to start.
Painting/Decorating the last parts of our home.
Determine to continue to run and loose weight.
WILL make a conscience effort to be on my computer A LOT less (once a day if that).
Striving to be a better mom to my kids... ALL DAY.
Focus on God and not what others are doing or saying.
Less obsessed with the outside world and refused on my family and what works for us ONLY.
Firm minded to be positive in all areas of my life.
Sharing less about my life via face book and possibly this blog and more in person with my loved ones and friends by building stronger relationships.

That is what my world looks like right now and that is where my head is at.... I am happy.  I am feeling content.  I am feeling strong: mentally, physically, spiritually & emotionally.

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