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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

the ME project...

Eight more days.. count 'em... until I reach my goal.  I've been pretty secretive about what I've been doing.  Because I thought I couldn't do it.  I thought I would fail.  I thought I would get injured.  I thought I would be lazy (about most things I attempt to do for myself) and stop.  I thought I was too big and heavy ... and just a big jiggly 35 year old lady out there.

But I have eight more days... until I for fill my goal.  I love it now.  I am hooked.  I am seeing results, slowly but surely my body has been changing.

I don't know why I have chosen this time to let the cat out of the bag... partly because I hate avoiding the topic.. the thing that I have been doing soo much.  So here it is... I've been running.  Yup.. can you believe it?  I've been going out about 5 days a week.  It all started very innocently... a lady from my church asked me if I would be interested in joining a learn to run clinic that she was going to going to as well.  I thought to myself... well I've always wanted to run but I didn't think I could do it with my knees.. and all the extra weight that I've been carrying around, but I thought I would try it out.  I liked the fact that they were all COMPLETELY new runners themselves... starting from ground zero.  That's what I needed... slow and steady. 

We started out running 1 min and walking 2 min (6sets), then run 1 and walk 1 (10sets).  It sounded easy enough.. but boy was my first night out was bad.  REALLY bad!  I couldn't even finish running 1 min and walking 2 mins.  My 'instructor' reminded me that I just had a baby 6 months ago and that I've never ran before and to give it time.  From then I was determined to do better FOR MYSELF.  We meet twice a week and we have a schedule that we follow on our own.  I forced myself to do more.  The other days we were just walking briskly and sometimes running but I opted to run the other days as well.

This is week 8 and we are now running 8 mins and walking 1 mins (3 sets) then finishing with a 2 min run at the end, totalling 26 mins running.  I will be running a 5k on the July 1st weekend.  That is my goal.  I don't know how well I'll do as far as time, I'm sure I will likely be over the 30 min mark.. but that's not the point.  The point for this - my first 5k is to just run it... to do my best.. and work from there.

So there you have it folks... if there was anyone who wanted to know.. or was even remotely curious as to what I've been up to ... that is it.  This is what I have designated.. the ME project.  It is time for me, just me... to get healthy, to clear my mind, to loose weight, to push myself to my own boundaries, to be happy... and I think I deserve it.

I am a runner. ☺

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