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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Strawberry Harvest!

Today was another busy day in our home.. and to add to the busyness.. Ava, Nanny and myself went strawberry picking!  It was soo much fun.  Ava really enjoyed having a special day with mommy and Nanny.  It is difficult to *schedule* in special outings and times with our four children.. but I think this was a nice way to spend some mommy/daugther/grandmother time.  Ava did really well... she picked and filled her own 4 litre basket... and probably ate 4 litres as well! ☺☺ *perhaps we should have paid for an extra basket*

So this year I am trying something a little different.. I usually make strawberry freezer jam.  And yes they are strawberries and yes they are going in the freezer... but the process is a bit different this year.  I've got in on very good authority (thanks Aunt Gloria) that is the way to go!  And I am very happy with my decision.. for a number of reasons.  Ok... so on to the process of the way I will always make strawberry freezer jam:

Wash your jars and lids in hot soapy water and allow to air dry..

Gently wash your berries..

Hull them (remove the stem) and allow them to dry..

Squish them (to your desired chunkiness)..

Pour into your jars and add sugar (larger jars add 1 tablespoon, smaller jars add 1 teaspoon), STIR, then cover with your lids ..

Then freeze!

By adding sugar and freezing your berries you are preserving them without having to add very large amounts of sugar and the packaged preservatives.  I like storing my strawberries this was for a number of reasons.  They are washed, squished and already have sugar, you can simply thaw a jar and add straight to your toast, add as a topping to ice cream, use when baking strawberry muffins or any other recipe you want to add strawberries to.  I also really like the cute little jars, they are a nice touch to add to your breakfast table when you have guests, one for each end.  Or to take out a small amount when you just want to add to your yogurt.

I am glad that I went this route this year... I am certain my family will not be disappointed with our lovely fresh strawberries through the long winter months! ... Now to assemble some strawberry and rhubarb pies...

Happy preserving ☺

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  1. Looks great - thanks for the tip - I have been wanting to venture into making jam / freezing it but I wasn't crazy about the preservatives either!


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