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Thursday, April 29, 2010

My two babies: Miss. Grace & Mr. Linden

As mush as my days feel rushed, stressed, constant screaming, someone threw up, someone has to go to the potty, someone wants a drink or wants something to eat.  There are also days where I just take it all in.  I think to myself "Do I really have four amazing little people in my life?". "Does God really think I can do this".  "WOW am I blessed" (I do have other wonderful thoughts.. but there are too many to list)

This particular afternoon Ava and Gabriel were somewhere in the house (and not killing each other ~ figuratively).  Linden was basking in the sun overlooking the deck off the kitchen and Gracie was completely fixated on him.  She is such a little mommy.  I know most little girls are but I can see her spirit and heart is soo sweet and gentle.  It is beyond adorable watching her with Linden.  WOW my two babies.. my youngest girl and my youngest boy.  Completely wonderful.

Don't they just melt your heart?  I know they melt mine! ☺


  1. They are very cute!
    Love the hair on Grace!!

  2. you are doing great. Good for you. I'm proud of you...do I know about May 5th??


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