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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Caffine Detoxification!

The new and improved.. less caffeinated me!  OK... so lets step into the proverbial confessional booth ... I drink anywhere between 3 - 6 cups of coffee a day.  Yes.. sadly you read that correctly.. 3-6 :(  But I have to justify it.. (of course!).  It is my snack.  My treat.  The time I take for myself to sit and enjoy my cup-of-joe (I love you joe)! ☺☺

Today marks day 4 of only have 1 cup a day (in the morning).. come on people I have 4 kids 5 years and under!! But I have to admit.. yesterday I had 1 and a bit... I needed it!!  My retuital cup of coffee at 3pm.

I`ve also started to go to bed early.  This is early to me.. in bed and to sleep by 10p  I have NO TROUBLE falling asleep or sleeping for that matter (even when I was drinking coffee).  And may I add it NEVER bothered any of my breastfeed babies.  They all slept through the night by 8 weeks.. and all got into the routine of in going to bed by 7-7:30p and not wake up until 6a.

The reason for these two big changes in my life is one) to become more healthy and two) to assist me in loosing weight.  From what I`ve read and from the awesome `professional advice`that I have been given... changing these two aspects in my life is a good start.

Today I am feeling more rested and thank you Lord I do not have a headache!

Side note: yay me for my consist posting this week... pat! pat! pat! (on my shoulder) ☺☺

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  1. Yay Anita! I know it's a hard road, but you can do it.


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