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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Baby is coming...

OK.. so I haven't posted for a while. October has fulfilled it promise of being busy! We had a beyond great time in NB for Jay's brothers wedding. It was soo wonderful to see all the family to meet our new sister-in-law and to just be there for their special day.

So we've been home for about a week now had Thanksgiving and all that good stuff. I've had two midwife appointments, baby is doing well, he/she is head down... now just the wait begins. Oh wait I forgot to mention that I had a consultation with an OB (standard procedure here where we live if I am to birth in the hospital). So that went 'alright'... I was a bit taken back at the response to my birth plan that I presented him. There were just a few points that I would not budge on ~ and believe me I wasn't asking for anything crazy... all pretty standard. Well standard if you haven't already had a c-section. Standard if we weren't a just a 'level 1' hospital. Standard if the obstetrics team put more trust in midwives and allowed women to birth in the hospital the way THEY wanted to. But no... not the case here.

So I left my appointment feeling very overwhelmed, very out of control and basically starting to freak out when I began to picture all the possible things that could happen with this birth. I was very very upset! My wonderful midwife (who is actually on vacation right now.. .but is coming back a week early to be here for us for our birth - called me that night at my home as she had heard from her midwife colleague how terrible my OB consult went ~ *love* my midwife). She put me at ease.... and we talked about one more option.

So that has basically brought ya'll up to speed to this morning... Jay took the morning off work and we had our first home visit from our midwife. Firstly she wanted to know where we lived so when I do go into labor it's a non-issue of finding the house, secondly to have my standard midwife appointment at home (always more intimate and comfy at someones house), and thirdly to discuss home birth. Yup .... you read it right: home birth. Jay and I have been giving this option a lot of consideration, we've been doing a lot of reading, and I know for me I've been praying about it. So today we discussed in further detail how things would happen... and what 'could' happen.

In conclusion... I am preparing all that we will need for a home birth! Yikes... are we really 'that' home birth kinda family???? Well I guess we are going to attempt to! And I know for Jay & I... what we were told we can and can not do was just not acceptable to us... so this is the direction we are going. We know how I birth. We know what 'risks' we can take. We know God is in control.... not the OB at the hospital that I will meet for the first time... while laboring.

Jay & I both feel at peace with our decision knowing all the risks (although let me just assure you all they are very very minimal even for a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean) ~ BUT also knowing how absolutely awesome, beautiful and wonderful this birth will likely be at home. We are very excited! AND Jay has requested to our midwife that HE catches the baby (and of course she is totally ok with that)! Wild!! Just wild!!!

So if anyone is reading this, please pray for our family. And if you disagree with our decision, I would prefer to not know about it, as it is our decision. Please pray. Please just support. Please just love us for what we are doing.

....... getting ready for some 'happy birthing' :)

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