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Sunday, October 25, 2009

39 weeks and counting....

So I am nearing the end of this pregnancy. I am actually very surprised how well I have felt during this pregnancy considering I had/have 3 other children 4 years of age and under to take care of in the mean time. I honestly can't figure out how I did it. Don't get me wrong, I certainly had some bad days of feeling quizzy, tired, cranky and all the other good and fun things comes with being pregnant. But for the most part, I've felt really really good! And for that I am very thankful for.

I certainly am not one of those women that just complain constantly towards the end... and just tells anyone who will listen that I just want this baby out out out as soon as possible. But I am getting anxious now; with all three other children we didn't find out what we were having ~ and the same goes for this one. So we are really really excited to find out if this baby is a 'he' or a 'she' ~ either way I've been praying that the baby is healthy, and that our first attempt at a home birth goes 'uneventful' ~ with the exception of a wonderful bundle of joy.

I am also totally ok with this being my last pregnancy. I am ready to move on... to watch our children grow up to be awesome individuals. I am looking forward to growing closer to my super awesome husband... to be able to go for dinner and enjoy a glass of wine with my honey bunny (that would be Jay!) :) I also believe that I am in the right place in my head now to start to get in shape. I started to loose weight after I had Grace. I went down to the weight when I first started having children (although even then I was about 50lbs over weight) and from there I was able to drop an additional 10lbs or so and that was just watching very very closely what I was eating. And believe me for me to loose 10lbs is a big deal. So I am looking forward to getting in shape. I want to be healthy, more sexy (for Jay), feel good for myself, and just be around for my family as long as I can.

I am starting to feel 'heavy', baby has certainly started to makes his/her way down and has 'engaged'... I generally go early... and I'm hope the same is true with this little one.

Probably the last picture I will have taken before baby is born... and I am truly not trying to sound coincided... but I think I look pretty damn good... for 39 weeks! :)

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