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Friday, September 4, 2009

Getting ready for baby....

I haven't written many posts about this pregnancy... I don't know why... well anyway I'm 31 weeks and 4 days. Not much longer to go.. and these next couple of months are going to be even busier than the summer ~ and that I something I'm not looking forward to.

I had a busy but very relaxing summer, splashing in the pool with the kids, laying in the sun (I've never had a brown pregnant belly~and boy was that cool!)... anyway.. we did have many visitors this summer but I really enjoyed it!

Now the summer is coming to and end and fall is around the corner... and you can tell! The cool nights and the fresh crisp mornings ~ I love it! But with fall brings lots of changes for my family. I will be homeschooling Ava and this will be the first year. She is in senior kindergarten. I bought the abeka curriculum and I am excited to use it ~ although like I've said this is my first year - so I will be praying alot that God will be with me, giving me the grace, wisdom and patience that I am sure I will need!!

I've also been nesting like crazy!!! I took out all my baby clothes and other items that we will need.. bassinet, playpen, car seat... and on and on! It's all organized and ready to be washed. But I won't do that until about 3 weeks before I'm due. I'm kinda a clean freak.. and if I washed everything now I would be obsessing about if they are getting dusty... (I know - I'm CRAZY)!! But anyhow that is all done, and I also have a list of some new items I'd like to buy for this baby. New receiving blankets, hoodie towels, face clothes and some fuzzy blankets. All of which what I had were kind wore out from my other three children... and it's always nice to have soft new things for a baby! :)

My husband and I are also planning a 4 day world wind trip to New Brunswick ~ his brother is getting married. And yup it's about a 12 hour drive... and yup it's 3 weeks before my due date!!! I know it's a bit risky.. but it will just be us two going.. we are leaving the kids with his parents so it shouldn't be too stressful of a trip.. and alot less bathroom breaks!!

So anyway... I'm feeling pretty good.. like I've mentioned in other posts, I haven't gained as much weight as I did with the other three.. I think I'm at about 19 lbs... I usually gain between 25-30lbs.. and who knows by the end of this pregnancy I may just do that again! But I'm thankful that I haven't really had any major complications. I just started to get cankles (yuk!)... and it only lasted 2 days! Thank goodness!!!!

So that's how baby #4 is coming along.... :) Can't wait to meet him .... or her .... !!!

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