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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Getting Ready for Winter?

Huh? ... no it's not winter here yet... actually it's not even fall yet! But we needed to get some outdoor chores done before we get too busy...and before baby comes!

We have about three years worth of wood for our wood burning stove (one year we bought ourselves back in the spring... but we are also very thankful that my in-laws cut down a ton of trees... and we were blessed by all the wood ~ yeah!) We had to get our kindling box in the garage and fill it, we also wanted to have about two weeks worth of wood stacked along the garage wall ~ that way Jay won't always have to go out in the cold to fill up our wood box in the family room.

Here is a picture of child labour... oooh I mean the kids 'helping'!! Actually they really wanted to help... so we thought they could probably handle the kindling.

Yup... even Gracie wanted to help! Whatever Ava & Gabriel are doing... she is right in there too! (On a side note.. I just have to say I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the kids this summer, the new ways in which they play with each other.. but mostly how much they have grown into their own personality... I noticed sooo many changes in all of them. I don't know why I noticed it more this summer than any other time. Maybe because I really tired to make an effort to take it easy this summer, sit back relax and just watch and be around the kids. Maybe because I have three of them and they are all doing soo many different things or maybe because they have all hit monumental goals in their little lives that are just soo amazing to be there and see. I know everyday is a struggle for me... I used to work full time in the broadcasting industry... but I feel sooo abundantly blessed that I am able to stay home and raise (and home school) our children. It truly is the most difficult job I've had... with the smallest pay cheque ;) ... no seriously it's the hardest job... but I totally love it).... ok back to our Saturday afternoon..

And here is the fruits of their labour!! A lovely kindling boxed filled to the brim! Ready for some cozy fires this winter ;)

We also wanted to clean out the garage so Jay could park his car in it this winter... here are some pictures of the 'after'... didn't get any of the before... but I am very happy that most things found a home OFF the floor!!

And this is what the kids look like after an afternoon outside; playing with the dirt, riding their bikes in the driveway, drawing with caulk ~ and just kids being kids.....

So that was our Saturday afternoon... oh and actually Jay started to drain the pool and being to winterize it. We figure it probably won't get hot enough for all of us to use it again and like I mentioned before October is going to be a busy month for us... so we figured get it done now.. before we leave it too late.. and the snow flys.

I'm feeling good with all that WE were able to get done as a family... and even though our kids are small it was great to be working together as a FAMILY and lovin' doing it! God is good (in all things)... and I feel very blessed :)

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