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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Been Busy :)

So I've been 'away' for awhile. It's been hard for me to sit down and get all my thoughts - hence the lack of posts :(

So as I've mentioned before this is our first summer in our new home. And I have to say this has been the busiest summer we've had ever! I guess since we`ve moved 4 hours away from most of our family and friends when they come to visit they stay the weekend or week for that matter! And it`s been great! Busy! But great! We`ve had many visitors this summer... my dad came and stayed for a week and then Jay`s Aunt and family from New Brunswick came for another week. And of course in between visits there has been bbq and pool parties.... taking Ava to soccer, sailing lessons, going to the park and it goes on and on!

I`ve also been tackling potty training aka - going insane! Gabriel has been beyond difficult to potty train. We`ve tried 3 times before this one! He turned 3 this past June 27th - it`s been a few weeks now (I think 3... but when you are `insane`whos counting!) But I have to say he is doing alot better! He is able to sleep through the night without wetting his bed and he stays dry throughout the day as well.... however.... he is a VERY focused little guy! So when we are out visiting at a friends house or the grandparents house he seems to have his `accidents`... I think it`s because he is in a different place, with friends and new toys. He just can not get away for a moment and use the potty. But still when we are home he does very well.

I am glad I am starting to see real progress with him... baby number 4 is due November 1st... so it will be nice to just have Grace in diapers when the baby comes. I have been trying to potty train her... (she will be 20 months Sept 15th)... and she was doing very well - however because she doesn`t talk it makes it hard for her to tell me she has to `go`. But she will come running to me - grabbing herself and then running to the bathroom. But I`ve stopped potty training her for now... and I think she (and I) are ok with that for now! If Gabriel keeps up this really good progress I may start her up again. And boy oh boy would that be nice to just have a newborn in diapers!

There are sooo many other `things`we`ve been busy with too... but I guess I`ll have to save those for another post - otherwise this one will likely be pages and pages long! But... a hint: getting ready for baby, first year of homeschooling, planning a road trip to New Brunswick (12 hour drive) 3 weeks before I`m due (YIKES!)... to attend Jay`s brothers wedding, and getting ready for all the new programs the kids are involved in!!!

Oh my goodness.... we ARE BUSY!!! Hope everyone is looking forward to fall coming (I know I am!!)

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