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Monday, September 14, 2009

Fawg Farm FUN!

Yestersday afternoon we went to visit our friends Therapeutic Farm. She works with my husband at the hospital in the mental health area, however herself and her husband also have a farm. It is such a wonderful idea! Clients can come to the farm, experience the country and interact with various animals all the while trying to work out their issues.

After church we headed over to the farm. The kids had soo much fun! Ava just loved the other little girl and played with her all afternoon! She also was lovin' the horses! She wasn't able to ride this time because they was actually another girl there riding and training as well. Ava had a ton of fun nonetheless! Gabriel was just in overdrive! He couldn't take everything in fast enough! He thought the chickens and chicks were a hoot and just loved all the bikes and ride on toys! Gracie spent most of the afternoon chasing the kittens and chickens!

By the end of the day they were sooooo dirty!! But I know they had sooo much fun! It was great to watch them experience a bit of farm living. I actually grew up on a farm from the age of 9 to adulthood. It was a lot of hard work most days... but I know it really did have a big impact on me and the person I am today!

Here are just some pictures from our visit to FAWG FARM:

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  1. Beautiful pictures/Spectacular website. You have really outdone yourself. We are really proud of all your accomplishments!!!!
    Aunt Sandi & Uncle Harry


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