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Monday, September 21, 2009

Breech baby?

I'm feeling slightly overwhelmed! October is such a busy month for our family... Ava's birthday, our anniversary, going to New Brunswick for a wedding (3 weeks before my due date), Thanksgiving, my mother-in-laws birthday, midwife appointments (bi-weekly and then weekly), and now there may be a chance that baby #4 is breech!!! Oh my! Can I handle all this? Yes, I know I can. Do I want to? No! But life goes on... take it one day at the time, because God knows what I can deal with. We have been through much worse as a family... so this too I will 'handle'.

I'm just feeling very overwhelmed! Just want baby to be here... and 'get on with life'... Anyhow.. I have an appointment this week at the much bigger and better hospital to confirm if baby is in fact breech. If he/she is... then I've discussed with my midwife the possibility of going to have the baby 'turned'... but first things first... need to REALLY check if he/she is breech.

So that's what baby # 4 is doing in my tummy!! Hopefully it feels the urge to turn down! Because frankly I do not want to go through another c-section again! :)

God's plan is perfect... and his timing is perfect... that is what I keep saying over and over in my head... but in the meantime.. please pray for us

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