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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Baby Update

Yesterday I went for my ultrasound to check if baby was breech. My midwife found the heart beat in the 'top' part of my uterus.. after feeling my tummy she was a bit bewildered.. so she thought the most accurate method would be to go for an ultrasound.

Results - baby is head down!!!!! Yeah for me!! Now I just have to not think about this baby flip flopping around and getting him/herself turned upright again... then I won't be happy!! So as it stands now this pregnancy is processing as normal, I am planning on having a natural VBAC. The next 'hurdle' will be the consultation I have booked with the obstetrician... it is policy at the hospital that I am delivery at to meet with an ob... but I will have to be firm, direct and very clear that my midwife will be delivery this baby... in the hospital. They are a 'tad' bit old school when it comes to VBACS at this hospital... they just don't want to be liable IF something were to happen.

Well that's it on the baby front.. still feeling big and slow! Starting to get uncomfortable.. I feel like all my organs (and this baby) are going to push out of throat!! Hopefully this baby will 'drop' and then I can be a bit more comfortable before delivery.

.. oh yeah... and I'm just about don't getting ready for our road trip to NB.. I'm hoping it's 'uneventful' as far as baby is concerned!!

Keep ya'll posted!

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