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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Our OWN 'Not Going Back to School' Picnic!

Yesterday was our local home learners group 'Not Going Back to School' Picnic by the river. Pretty self explanatory... all the families that home school decided to kick off the school year with a day long picnic in the park where everyone can connect and re-connect after summer break.

I was feeling horrible yesterday... went to the midwife and baby is head down... which means his/her feet feel like they are lodged in my throat!! I was feeling pretty nauseous... thus not allowing me take the kids to the picnic. I felt really bad for them... but I know right now.. with expecting baby #4 .. and being 32 weeks I have to really listen to what my body is telling me and not push myself.

Soooo... today I woke up feeling pretty good (tired... but I don't think that will end until they are all gone to college or university!!). Ava and I home schooled in the morning and then I packed a picnic lunch for us to take to the park ~ AND Jay was able to meet us there! The kids just love seeing him in the middle of the day.. he gets an hour and a half lunch .. so it's a great way to break up his day and the ours!

This is just another reason why we are totally going to love homeschooling.. even though there are 'planned' events that the home learners group that I am associated with put on... there will be times when we just can't make it (especially when baby comes)... so this will give us opportunities to have our own family 'events'. Sometimes I feel stressed to make most of these 'planned' events... and sometimes I really don't want to go... but I know that there WILL be days when we CAN do things as a family during the DAY, when Ava would 'normally' be in 'regular' school!

Here are some pictures of our OWN picnic!
What a blessing our children are and I am soo thankful that God in trusted us with them and with the opportunity to home school them and strengthen our bond :)

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