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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What Have I been doing?

Some of ya'll may be wondering if I'm still around.. and the answer is ~ yup I'm still here! I've just been busy! With what you may ask me..and my answer would be "I don't know!". I'm just settling into summer, really enjoying the days that are sunny! We are really enjoying our first summer here, it is soo great to just go down to the river and watch the sail boats or just chill on our deck on a Sunday afternoon after church.

I've been feeling really lazy! I've been wanting to have people over on the weekends...and I think about it all week..but then I just don't get around to making the calls! Yikes! I've also been doing alot of thinking about this upcoming fall, this will be my first year homeschooling. I'm really going to have to wrap my head around how much this is going to change our lives and our family dynamics. I'm excited, anxious, nervous, eager all rolled into one!

I've also been mulling some decorating ideas in my head! I am trying to decide what colour I want to paint our dinning room/sitting room/foyer/hallway (I have to paint all in the same colour because it's an open concept room). But I'm ok with that... also trying to decide on what colour I want to have the two accent walls. I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with an off white for the main colour...and one accent wall will likely be a bright apple green --- fresh and will work with all the seasons! I also need to plan a trip 'into the city' to get into a fabric store. I want to sew seat covers for my dinning room chairs. We had them reupholster about a year and a half ago... but just want a bit of a change.

I've also been thinking about Gabriel's birthday party... I can't believe he'll be turning 3 at the end of June - craziness! I remember that first summer he was home... he was sooo tiny! Just trying to figure out what we want to do.....

Ava also started soccer a couple of weeks ago. This is the first year she is playing. She is having loads of fun! It's soo great to watch her 'play' :) she looks soo grown up! It makes me sad...but I'm excited to what our family get older too!

Another exciting thing for our family is Jay is starting his boating lessons! He's always wanted to learn how to sail! He is really excited! I'm excited for him! Our dream is to sail around on our boat, he can have his private practice and I can homeschool on the boat! It's a dream.... one day! one day!

So that's the update on what we've been up to lately.... It's going to be hard to sit at the computer and post on the blog when the weather is sooo nice! But I'll try..I really will!

So happy sunny Wednesday to all! :)

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